Future of Delivery – Update 

Future of Delivery – Update 

Further to LTB 627/15 regarding the Future of Delivery and the debate which began with the ADR Briefings regarding a Future Delivery Model. We are continuing discussions with Royal Mail and correspondence has been exchanged covering our respective positions and outlining our current thoughts at this early stage. To be clear, at this stage nothing has been agreed other than to continue dialogue and explore options on this very important subject.


To supplement this we have called a briefing on Wednesday 16th December 2015 for all CWU Divisional Representatives where they will be taken through the current position and initial outputs emanating from the Optimised Mail Preparation trial so that they are fully informed on the implications for all functions and can be in a position to impart this knowledge into the field and into the ensuing debate.


Further discussions/meetings have been scheduled with Royal Mail on a more frequent basis and with longer sessions. Information resulting from these meetings will be shared on an ongoing basis with Branches, CWU Representatives and our members via our existing communication channels such as briefings, LTBs and the Voice.


In addition further discussions will take place with Royal Mail regarding how we engage all affected parties in the New Year so that we can have a fully inclusive debate on the Future of Delivery, with due regard for the other functions.


We are aware that there is some concern in certain areas regarding some of the ideas and views that are being put forward and considered to feed into this debate. Everyone can be assured that that is all they are at this stage and there is no commitment from the CWU to introduce anything until we fully understand the implications and impact on our members in terms of jobs, terms and conditions and their ongoing well being.


Any enquiries to Bob Gibson’s Office, quoting reference 230.03

Email address: outdoorsecretary@cwu.org



Yours sincerely
Bob Gibson

CWU Assistant Secretary

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