Processing Report EJ Orviss Area Processing Representative

Processing Report 


Strategic Involvement (SI) Meeting

The CWU have raised concerns over the amount of time it is taking for the business to conclude the current VR exercises and have stressed that we will not enter into any further negotiations on VR’s until the current exercises have been concluded.

We have also raised concerns on the length of time it is taking to complete the 25 Saturday only Casual Conversions the CWU have agreed under the Job Security Agreement. Management will make enquiries to HR and report back at next weeks meeting.

Para: Ongoing.


Processing Duty Structure

The CWU will commence negotiations with Management over the Processing duty structure now that the Production Control Manager is back from annual leave. The Part time staff who have recently been successful in increasing their contractual hours on a temporary basis to either full time or 24 hours will continue throughout the Christmas and New Year period with a review planned at the end of January.

Para: Ongoing


Christmas 2015

We had our first meeting on the Christmas 2015 operation last week where it was confirmed there will be an Outhouse for Peterborough. It is the old United Technologies building on Bakewell Road Orton Southgate. We are in the process of drawing up the 2015 Processing Christmas Agreement. In preparation for this notices have gone on display advertising the possibility of part time staff to go full time over the Christmas pressure period and a notice asking if any members of staff would be interested in processing the International mail at the Outhouse this year (closing date for applications Wed 7thOctober)

Management are adopting the same practice as last year for the Christmas Pre-scheduled overtime volunteer sheets. Instead of using the old system of books on display for staff to fill in, once again each member of staff in Processing, Distribution, Revenue Protection and the Print Site will receive their own individual sheet to fill in and return to the book room. The forms will be sent out next week (Processing Staff will receive their forms in the same envelope as the Annual Leave Pick Forms) Staff in Deliveries and Administration will have to go to the book room to get a form if they wish to volunteer for Processing pre-scheduled overtime over the Christmas pressure period. The last date for the forms to be returned to the book room will be the Friday 23rd October 2015. This will give the part time staff who are successful with their applications to go full time over the Christmas pressure period (closing date 7th October) the time to complete their forms after being notified what their temporary full time hours will be.

Management have asked for members of staff who can complete their forms before the 23rd October to give them to the book room ASAP so the book room staff can start entering the information onto the computer worksheets.

Para: Ongoing.


Annual Leave Agreement

The 2016/17 Processing Annual Leave Agreement has been agreed and signed off today. A copy is on display on the Union Board. Members are advised to read the agreement in preparation for their leave pick of which the letters will be going out to staff next week. Last years paragraph 2.4 has become this year’s 2.6 and there are two new paragraphs have been added to this years agreement 2.4 and 2.5, there has also been an amendment to paragraph 8.3.

The return date for Annual Leave Pick Forms will be Friday 23rd October 2015.

Management have asked for members of staff who can complete their forms before the 23rd October to give them to the book room ASAP so the book room staff can start entering the information onto the computer worksheets.


Parcel Sort Machine

Nothing to report.

Para: Ongoing.


Nationally Agreed York Mover (Tug)

An advert is on display for members of staff who are interested in being trained to operate the new Tug when it is introduced into the Mail Centre to apply in writing to the book room Manager. There will be a demonstration of the Tug’s manoeuvrability on Monday 28th September at 10.00am.

Para: Ongoing.


Flip Flops

A Royal Mail/CWU Nationally Agreed Joint Statement on the introduction of the Flip Flops will be released on Friday 25th September. Deployment of the equipment in the mail centre will start from Saturday 26th. Management are anticipating the use of the equipment will make a 30 hour per day saving in the DSA area.

Para: Ongoing.


New Conduct Code

The Divisional Reps have asked for a list of all untrained Reps on the New Conduct Code which I have sent them. We are still awaiting training dates for the Processing Reps.

Para: Ongoing.


Branch Elections

There is a notice on the union board advertising the Branch Election timetable for positions from March 2016 to March 2018. All positions in the branch, Officers, Area Reps, IR and H&S Shift and substitute Reps on all shifts in all functions are up for nomination.

Para: To be noted.


EJ Orviss

Area Processing Representative

Date 25th September 2015

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