ADR Briefings Documentation – July 2015 – Future Delivery Model Debate

ADR Briefings Documentation – July 2015 – Future Delivery Model Debate 

CWU Area Delivery Representatives will recall the ADR briefings that took place during July 2015 and the presentations and discussions that took place. Due to the voluminous nature of the presentations and documentation it was not possible to circulate these via an LTB. Consequently we have now arranged for the documentation to be made available via the link below.


The documents available include the following in numerical order.


1. Compact Large Letter & Letter Sorter Presentation.

This is a presentation to the CWU regarding the above mentioned machine trial that took place earlier in the year and included the impact on Sidmouth Delivery Office.


2. CUPW Canada Post Presentation – Work Life Balance.

This is a comprehensive study/report commissioned by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers to look at the impact of Transformation and its affect on work life balance and its members.


3. Norway Post Presentation – New Delivery Structure – Royal Mail Visit.

This is a presentation made by the Norwegian Postal Operator to the CWU and Royal Mail on the visit to Norway earlier this year illustrating how they implemented a new Delivery Structure.


4. OMP Presentation to Parallel Ops – Norway & Sweden

This is a presentation made to the Parallel Ops Committee following the visit to Norway and Sweden in June 2015.This committee is made up of senior managers and CWU officers


5. Review Postal Operator efficiency – WIK Report

This is a report on Postal Operator Efficiency commissioned by OFCOM.


6. Solynews Mail Merging Document

This is a document produced by Solystic promoting the use of mail merging technology.


7. Solystic XMS Sorting Machine

This is a document produced by Solystic promoting the mail merging machine (Letters & Flats) that they have produced and is the technology trialled in document 1 above.


8. CWU Slides – Norway Benchmarking Trip June 2015-09-24

These are slides produced by the CWU following the visit to Norway showing the equipment introduced and used to support the new delivery structure.








9. 15LTB114

This is the LTB released in February detailing the OMP trial and the agreed terms of reference being used for the trial.


10. CWU H&S Notes – Norway and Sweden Visit

These are simply notes/bullet points covering what we saw in Norway & Sweden mainly from a H&S perspective.


11. Optimised Mail Preparation – Postal Comparators – Dec 2014

This is a report we requested from the Research department to support our involvement in the OMP trial and to provide some comparisons with other Postal Operators. Some of this information is included in the WIK report.


12. CWU Operational Notes – Norway and Sweden June 2015

These are simply notes/bullet points covering what we saw in Norway & Sweden from an operational perspective.


These documents are being provided to enable debate and discussion within Branches, within CWU committees, between CWU representatives and between them and our members. They are not at this stage providing any direction or influence. They are there to provide information on what is happening in the Postal Industry and for consideration to be given to what we want our future to look like bearing in mind what is going on around us that will also influence the future of all Postal Operators.


Further ADR briefings are being held in October commencing on the 21st in Edinburgh and we would like discussions/consultations to have taken place before these events take place to feed back the views of our representatives and members so that we can broaden the debate and hopefully in the new year broaden the number of participants.


Two useful links for researching Postal Technology and Ofcom activity are


Any further documents produced by us or that become available from others that will add to the debate/discussion will also be circulated.


Any enquiries to Bob Gibson’s Office, quoting reference 230.03

Email address:


Yours sincerely​
Bob Gibson

CWU Assistant Secretary – Outdoor


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