National Agreement – LCV Driver Behaviour Technology 

National Agreement – LCV Driver Behaviour Technology 

Further to LTB 555/15 Branches and the proof of concept trial in 6 Delivery Offices Derby, Chesterfield, Leeds, Worksop, Kidderminster and Knutsford across the East, North and West areas we have now concluded our post trial discussions with Royal Mail and reached agreement on the above.


The National Agreement is designed to improve driver safety and a reduce road traffic accidents. The main monitoring element of the system is to achieve a 10% MPG improvement, and as such the technology will be fitted to approximately 13,000 vehicles in approximately 1300 locations across the UK.

We have agreed and included in the National Agreement that all individuals have a right to privacy at work and jointly accepted that there is an obligation on both parties to sustain confidence and trust in relation to all employees, and that we should act in a way to engender that type of relationship. Accordingly the driver performance data will remain confidential to the individual and will not be displayed on notice boards or in league tables, nor will it form part of performance management. It is also agreed that this technology is not being deployed for use as a disciplinary tool or a source of information to be used in conduct cases.

The CWU will be fully involved in the deployment at all levels which we have agreed is essential if the full benefits are to be realised. This will include all aspects of the initiative including implementation, monitoring, assessment and profile adjustment where agreed necessary. It will also include training opportunities for a number of nominated CWU representatives, providing them with a system overview. Full training will be supplied to all employees who will be required to use the new technology, and the training package will be agreed in full with the CWU before the system is switched on. The proposed go live date is 5th October 2015.                      

The agreement will be the subject of joint review 6 months after deployment and periodically thereafter. The installation of the technology/devices is still expected to be finished during November 2015. Branches will be updated of further developments.


Any enquiries to Bob Gibson’s Office, quoting reference 300

Email address:                              


Yours sincerely
Bob Gibson

CWU Assistant Secretary

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