First Time Delivery

No. 39/15
Ref: 530
Date: 21st January 2015

To: Branches with POSTAL Members

Dear Colleague,

First Time Delivery/Delivery to Neighbour – Nominated Neighbour Guidelines

Branches will be aware of the revised National Agreement covering “First Time Delivery – Delivery To Neighbour” contained in LTB 385/14 and the ongoing work of the Safety, Customer Service & Quality Strand within the Integrated Delivery Programme.

As part of the work being undertaken by the strand which has seen the first time delivery rate rise to approximately 91% on a National basis, we have looked at introducing standard processes. This has identified a number of anomalies which are mainly down to placing too much emphasis on delivery OPGs and basically attempting to make them the scapegoat for failed first time delivery.

As a result we have agreed a standard process which involves Enquiry Offices collating information from customers when they collect a P739 item and asking them if they have a preferred neighbour which is then logged. This is designed to assist OPGs being able to identify an alternative delivery address to the original addressee which at the same time helps to increase the first time delivery success rate.

Whilst we have agreed to the attached guidelines, it is made clear to the customers when visiting the Enquiry Office that the acceptance of this information does not guarantee that delivery to their nominated neighbour will always be achievable. In addition we have also agreed that there will be no culpability associated with any OPGs if they fail to attempt or complete delivery to a nominated neighbour.

The process will be kept under review in the IDP Strand to monitor the number of requests, the success rate of first time delivery and also to enable any findings to be fed into the ongoing discussions around future software on the new PDAs.

Any enquiries to Bob Gibson’s Office, quoting reference 530
Email address: or

Yours sincerely

Bob Gibson
CWU Assistant Secretary – Outdoor


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