Correct Procedure for the Delivery of SD Items

No. 40/15

Ref: 530.05
Date: 21st January 2015

To: Branches with POSTAL Members

Dear Colleague,

Correct Procedure for the Delivery of SD Items

Recent enquiries into the department regarding the correct procedure for delivering SD items has led us to issue the following clarity, after consultation with Royal Mail.

The current policy, which is designed to protect delivery employees and mail integrity, is that it is not permissible to hand any mail to people in the street.

Additionally the only situation where it is permissible to hand an item over once a “Something for you” card has been delivered is if the occupier/recipient opens the front door whilst the Delivery OPG is still on the garden path/premises. The item can then be handed over and the P739 card retrieved at the same time. This procedure is also permissible when a Delivery Officer returns to a delivery point to deliver standard mail items after they have made an earlier unsuccessful delivery attempt for a Special Delivery item.

After scanning an item as “Not Delivered” and then being able to deliver the item as outlined above, the delivery OPG can simply scan the item/s again and follow the “Delivered” process. This procedure is documented within the PDA Training Guides. This second scan does not affect Q of S as the original scan stops the performance clock and this information should not be overwritten.

It should also be noted that under no circumstances should items be scanned as undelivered without a delivery attempt being made at the authorised delivery address on the item.

Any enquiries to Bob Gibson’s Office, quoting reference 530.05
Email address: or

Yours sincerely

Bob Gibson
CWU Assistant Secretary


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