Average Pay on Annual Leave in Royal Mail Group (Holiday Pay) – Update

Average Pay on Annual Leave in Royal Mail Group (Holiday Pay) – Update

Further to LTB 263/22 circulated to Branches and Representatives on 24thJune 2022, the long-term IT system solution for payments was introduced on 2nd 3rd July 2022.  RMG have also been testing the development of PSP to include LGV drivers and PFSL into the system solution.  The business had anticipated this being ready for April 2023 but are yet to complete the required changes.  A meeting regarding this aspect is in the process of being arranged although this is likely to be after Easter.

2023/24 Overtime Holiday Pay

A number of enquiries have been received regarding the ‘periods’ that will be used to assess holiday pay for members from the start of the new financial year.

Branches and Representatives will be aware that for weekly paid members the assessment is now based on the regularity of overtime over the six RM financial periods prior to the financial period in which holiday is taken. For monthly paid members, assessing the regularity of overtime over the six calendar months prior to the calendar month in which holiday is taken.

Royal Mail Group have confirmed that for weekly paid employees the ‘periods’ for the financial year 2023-2024 (broadly equivalent to months) to be used to assess the eligibility for overtime holiday payments, when employees take leave are:

Period 1              27th March 2023 – 30thApril 2023

Period 2              1st May 2023 – 28th May 2023

Period 3              29th May 2023 – 25thJune 2023

Period 4              26th June 2023 – 30thJuly 2023

Period 5              31st July 2023 – 27thAugust 2023

Period 6              28th August 2023 – 24thSeptember 2023

Period 7              25th September 2023 – 29th October 2023

Period 8              30th October 2023 – 26thNovember 2023

Period 9              27th November 2023 – 24th December 2023 (‘P9 Pass’)

Period 10            25th December 2023 – 28th January 2024

Period 11            29th January 2024 – 25thFebruary 2024

Period 12            26th February 2024 – 31st March 2024

The assessment for monthly paid members will continue to use calendar months.

Branches and Representatives should note that RMG intend to place the dates on the ‘Employee App’ over the next few days.

Yours sincerely,

Andy Furey
Acting Deputy General Secretary (Postal)     

LTB 086-23 Average Pay on Annual Leave in Royal Mail Group (Holiday Pay) – Update

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