National Agreement On Royal Mail Property & Facilities Solutions Limited (RMPFSL) Regular Overtime Holiday Pay Agreement

National Agreement On Royal Mail Property & Facilities Solutions Limited (RMPFSL) Regular Overtime Holiday Pay Agreement

As part of the Royal Mail Property & Facilities Solutions Limited (RMPFSL) Pay and Associated Issues negotiations, we agreed we would finalise an agreement on Regular Overtime Holiday Pay.

It was clear this agreement would take a little longer than the rest of the Pay and Associated Issues Agreement, therefore we took the decision to separate the Regular Overtime Holiday Pay agreement and allow the ballot to go ahead on the rest of the agreement, to ensure we would get any back pay in this financial year.

The agreement is similar to the Royal Mail Group agreement, including the learning from the original introduction. The agreement has now been endorsed by the Postal Executive and it is our intention to hold a branch ballot with the recommendation of accepting the agreement. The agreement is attached as an appendix to this LTB.

The timetable for the branch ballot is:- 

Ballot Papers Dispatched – Tuesday 28th March 2023

Ballot Closes – NOON Thursday 6thApril 2023

We would appreciate Branches ensuring they return their ballot papers as quickly as possible.

We have spoken to RMPFSL management and they have confirmed the new system for payments to be made going forward is set up and therefore future payments will be automatically calculated. However, the back pay will need to be calculated manually. There is a commitment to get this done to be paid in April.

We want to place on record our thanks to Representatives, Members and Branches for your patience whilst we have been concluding this agreement.

We believe this agreement will be welcomed by our members in RMPFSL.

Any queries regarding the content of this LTB should be addressed to the PTCS Department quoting reference number 320 – email or the Outdoor Department, quoting reference 120.12 email address:

Yours sincerely,

Carl Maden
Assistant Secretary

Mark Baulch
Assistant Secretary                     

LTB 079/23 – RMPFSL Regular Overtime Holiday Pay Agreement


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