Royal Mail Group – New Workforce Health and Wellbeing Support Booklet – Home Mailing To All Employees

Royal Mail Group – New Workforce Health and Wellbeing Support Booklet – Home Mailing To All Employees:

Further to LTB 513/2022 published on 22 December 2022, Royal Mail Group have informed the CWU HQ Health, Safety and Environment Department of the publication of a new concise, quick reference, easy read booklet, with the cover title ‘Free Health and Wellbeing Support For You And Your Family’. Distribution of the booklets by way of a home mailing to all 120,000 Royal Mail Group Employees is underway.

This initiative is a continuation of the launch of a new ‘Health and Wellbeing Campaign’ launched by Fiona McAslan who joined Royal Mail Group on 3 October 2022 as the newly appointed Royal Mail Group Head of Health and Wellbeing.

The aim of the campaign being to reach out and better support employees and their families by ‘dialling up’ and communicating better the Health and Wellbeing resources that Royal Mail Group has available to the workforce, as well as adding improvements through a new ‘Wellbeing Hub’ and ‘Help@Hand’which is a new service providing employees and their immediate family with fast, direct access to free health and wellbeing support through one easy-to-use app. This is set out on page one of the booklet (see pdf copy attached).

The various elements of the RMG ‘Employee Assistance Programme’are set out in the booklet which comprises of a free, independent and confidential support service for the workforce, for employees in need of help whether that be ‘in the moment’ support or something more complex.

The services detailed in the booklet include:

  • A 24/7, 365 days of the year ‘Employee Assistance Programme’.
  • An online GP Service with UK-based GPs at a time that suits employees.
  • A physiotherapy service to aid recovery from an injury, operation or illness.
  • A medical second opinion service from a Consultant to discuss health concerns.
  • A mental Health Counselling and Consultation Service.
  • Cancer Assist (confidential) support and guidance. Addressing concerns, providing physical, emotional, financial, social and professional support and information on post-treatment recovery etc.
  • Long Covid rehabilitation programme for people who are finding it difficult to recover from the long-term effects of Covid-19.  This is also available to extended family members.
  • The Wellbeing Hub which offers advice to employees on how to look after their wellbeing and on building a daily routine to keep well.

Also covered are financial wellbeingadvice and debt management and life event resources guidance.

There’s a section in the booklet on the British Heart Foundation’s ‘RevivR’ training where you can learn lifesaving CPR online, for free, in just 15 minutes. (See LTB No. 079/2022 dated 21 February 2022).

The final page of the booklet also refers to the ‘RMG Wellbeing Ambassador’s Programme’ which invites anyone interested to volunteer to become an Ambassador. ‘RMG Wellbeing Ambassadors’ receive training and regular wellbeing support and resources in order to confidently support work colleagues and signpost them to the right information or professional help and assistance. (Many CWU ASRs, WSRs, Reps and First Aiders are RMG Health and Wellbeing Ambassadors).

The Head of Health and Wellbeing wishes to make sure that the workforce is aware of all the wellbeing support available including the Occupational Health Support Programme and that employees know where to go for wellbeing support during these difficult times which is of the utmost importance.

Accessing support early when in need is really important whether it be physical or mental health support – many people who do seek support often say they wish they had done so sooner. Whether it’s for your mind, body or something going on in your life, the ‘Wellbeing Hub’ directs employees straight to information, guidance and support services that can start to help right away. Employees are encouraged to register for ‘Help@hand’ now so they are all set up and ready to use the service when it’s needed.

Would ASRs take the opportunity to ensure that they raise awareness of the new booklet/guide and App covering the new RMG ‘Help@Hand’service for members and their families which provides fast, direct access to the free, independent, health and wellbeing support package, signposting members to the service when needed.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

LTB 073/23 – Royal Mail Group – New Workforce Health and Wellbeing Support Booklet – Home Mailing To All Employees

Att: RMG Feeling First Class – Free Health Wellbeing Support For Employees …

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