Royal Mail Group (SHE) Safety Flash FY23 008 – Yard Safety Controls

Royal Mail Group (SHE) Safety Flash FY23 008 – Yard Safety Controls:

Introduction, Background and Description: 

Royal Mail Group’s Safety Team have issued RMG SHE Safety Flash FY23 008 following a recent serious injury accident involving an elderly customer who was visiting a Delivery Office in search of the Customer Service Point (CSP/caller office) when he tripped over a Van/Vehicle Wheel Stop, falling to the ground and sustaining a fractured pelvis which required surgical intervention and long term treatment. The 96 years old customer had wrongly driven into the operation yard of the delivery office, where he got out of his car with a P379 (Something For You Card) and spoke to an employee, to enquire about collecting an undelivered item. The customer subsequently turned and tripped over one of a line of vehicle wheel stops, installed to prevent ingress of vehicles into the pedestrian walkway.

The injured customer was given first aid, kept still and cared for whilst the emergency services were called and then taken to hospital by ambulance where they received emergency and ongoing treatment.


Fractured Pelvis requiring surgery.

Key Messages, Learning Points and PiC/Managers Actions: 

  • PiCs should brief all staff on the content of the attached SHE Safety Flash FY23 008.
  • PiCs should ensure that if members of the public enter an operational yard, they should be asked to leave the yard immediately. They should not be left unattended until they have left and should be safely escorted from the yard if on foot.
  • PiCs should ensure that if the Customer Service Point (CSP) is closed, that customers are made aware of the opening times of the CSP/Callers Office, so they can return to collect their item when the CSP is open.
  • PiCs should review yard entrance signage to ensure it is suitable and sufficient and clearly identifies restrictions on access to the yard by the general public.
  • PiCs should in consultation with CWU ASRs ensure that the Yard Risk Assessment has been undertaken, is reviewed periodically and is up to date with any tripping and other hazards reviewed.
  • In cases where yards have no physical boundary fence/wall etc., PiCs should identify a suitable location to display any signs regarding restriction on access to the yard.
  • PiCs requiring further advice and support should contact the local RMG SHE Safety Advisor and should consult the ASRs.

The RMG signage catalogue is attached and is also available on the RMG Intranet. A link in the RMG SHE Flash directs users to the Royal Mail Service Portal where signs can be ordered.


  • WSRs/ASRs please ensure that this Safety Flash is communicated and brought to the attention of all appropriate members and that actions above are deployed by PiCs/Managers.
  • ASRs to concentrate attention to this matter during Workplace Safety Inspections and where necessary ensure a Yard Risk Assessment review is undertaken, removing tripping hazards and where necessary segregating pedestrian and vehicular traffic routes with barriers.


  • Royal Mail Group (SHE) Safety Flash FY23 008 – Yard Safety Controls.
  • RMG ‘Signage’ Catalogue – Release 2.3

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

LTB 064/23 – Royal Mail Group (SHE) Safety Flash FY23 008 – Yard Safety Controls

Att: SHE Flash FY23 008 – Yard Safety

Att: Graphics Catalogue_Release 2.3

View Online


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