Further to LTB 047/23 dated 2ndMarch, Branches, Representatives and members will be aware that we have been involved in a new process of negotiations involving Board members and crucially these talks have been facilitated by Sir Brendan Barber.  The previously agreed Joint Statement indicated we would seek to reach an agreement by Sunday 12thMarch. 

Whilst it is fair to say that progress has been made, it is evident more time is required to bring these negotiations to a successful conclusion.  In this regard, we have agreed the following Joint Statement that confirms a time extension for talks to continue this week. 

Joint statement from Royal Mail and the Communication Workers Union (CWU): talks extended

Negotiations under a new process between the senior leadership of both RMG and the CWU facilitated by Brendan Barber (former TUC General Secretary and ACAS Chair) supported by Marina Glasgow (Chief Conciliator of ACAS) have been taking place. 

Talks continued this weekend. Progress has been made in some areas and it has been agreed to extend the talks into this week.

Both parties reiterate the importance of the full adherence to the joint statement and appendix agreed on Thursday 2nd March and the need for workplace tensions to be reduced. Both parties confirm that, as agreed, local disagreements on revisions will be referred to the fast track escalation process set out in the Annex to the joint statement and that any unagreed changes will not be implemented during this process.

We will update you as soon as we can.

We are sure it will be recognised by all that, as with all negotiations of this magnitude, the talks are not easy but we have to ensure we allow sufficient time to secure the best possible agreement.

Further developments will be reported.

Yours sincerely                                

Dave Ward
General Secretary

Andy Furey
A/Deputy General Secretary (Postal)


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