As reported in yesterday’s live Facebook session and meetings with the Postal Executive and our Field Officials, Royal Mail Group have now taken major executive action to escalate their dispute (two trade disputes – pay and change) with the union.

The CWU arrived to meet the CEO yesterday, expecting to discuss how we could find a resolution to our disputes and we were ready to put forward an approach that would have enabled meaningful negotiations to take place.

However, just before the meeting commenced, we received a number of messages that Royal Mail were simultaneously communicating their position directly with our members in the workplace. 

It became apparent that the whole meeting was staged managed for the sole purpose of reading out and handing the union two letters. 

The first letter announced that the company were serving notice on a range of agreements that amount to further major attacks on our members’ terms and conditions and signal Royal Mail’s clear intention to derecognise the union.  Bizarrely, after opening up a chasm between the two parties, the second letter stated that the company wanted to reach an agreement with the union to go to ACAS. 

During the short meeting the CEO refused to answer any questions from the union and refused to engage in any discussion about how we could resolve the dispute. 

A copy of the letter setting out the company’s position is attached.  You will see this represents a major escalation in our disputes.  A more detailed summary of what this attack means to our members’ terms and conditions and the union, will be forwarded to Branches early next week.

We also believe the company’s calculated move is designed to facilitate the breakup of the Royal Mail Group and the introduction of a separate gig economy style Parcel Network, whilst deliberately creating the circumstances to make the USO economically unsustainable.

There are a number of conclusions that we have reached from this meeting.

Firstly, that the company for the first time in the history of CWU/Royal Mail industrial relations have a deliberate policy not to engage in talks at the highest level of the business and the union.

Secondly, the offer of talks at ACAS, whilst at the same time announcing major executive action, is an absurd proposition and represents one of the most disingenuous acts we have ever witnessed from Royal Mail.

Thirdly, that currently the company have no intention of reaching an agreement with the union and are simply stalling for time, whilst they continue to move forward their own plans and await the outcome of the Government’s investigation into the VESA takeover bid.

Next Steps 

The Postal Executive will be meeting on Tuesday 27th September to discuss a range of plans to escalate the dispute, including further strike action.  Following this an online briefing will be held with all senior field officials.

The union will also be responding in writing to Royal Mail’s correspondence as well as setting out our position on ACAS.

Further information on our next steps will be communicated to Branches, reps and members next week.  In the meantime, it is essential that we continue to galvanise support for our strike action on Friday 30th Septemberand Saturday 1st October. 

Finally, it is already clear from the reaction of our members across the UK, that Royal Mail’s unacceptable conduct means our resolve has never been stronger.

Any enquiries on the above should be addressed to General Secretary at and Andy Furey, Acting Deputy General Secretary (Postal) at

Yours sincerely,

Dave Ward                                                      

General Secretary                                         

 Andy Furey

Acting Deputy General Secretary (P)

 Mark Baulch                                        

Assistant Secretary     

Carl Maden   

Assistant Secretary 

Davie Robertson

 Assistant Secretary


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