Post Office – Pay Dispute 2021/22: Strike Wednesday 28th September

Post Office – Pay Dispute 2021/22: Strike Wednesday 28th September

Following a breakdown in talks at Acas, the Postal Executive has authorised strike action for Wednesday 28th September – this is the last day action can be taken with the current mandate.  On this occasion, the strike action will involve all members employed by Post Office in Admin, Crowns & Supply Chain. 

This action is clearly also necessary as there is still no movement on the pay freeze position for 2021/22.  Post Office can afford to provide our members with a fair increase for this period yet they are simply choosing to suppress pay despite our members as Key Workers being at risk throughout the Pandemic whilst ensuring Post Office services were maintained to society.

It should be noted Post Office had no trouble finding money to pay every manager a bonus in August.  Indeed the financial target to trigger bonus payments was achieved by imposing a pay freeze (the target would have been failed had a normal pay rise been paid).  It follows self-motivated Directors have been more concerned by ensuring managers’ bonuses are paid than providing a much needed pay rise for the lowest paid workers in Post Office. 

The Postal Executive is fully cognisant of the fact that once the lifespan of the ballot has expired we will have to re-ballot our members.  Consideration will now be given to this in conjunction with our Reps with further developments in this regard being reported including a timetable for a new ballot. 

In conclusion, Branches & Reps are urged to bring to the attention of our Post Office members this further strike day, which is necessary due to the dogmatic attitude of Nick Read CEO who according to the last published report and accounts for 2020/21 was paid £415k.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey
Assistant Secretary

22LTB369 Post Office Pay Dispute 202122 Strike Wednesday 28th September

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