Further to LTB 321/22 dated 25thJuly.  Branches are advised that yesterday we met with Phil White, Independent Mediator (appointed by Acas), along with Capita TVL management.  We were pleased to see that all parties shared a desire to make progress.  We have agreed to meet again following a short period to allow for reflection and for each party to further examine options jointly explored without prejudice.

This meeting, which will once again be facilitated by Acas, will take place on Thursday 15thSeptember where it is hoped meaningful progress towards an agreement can be made.  Below is a Joint Statement confirming these arrangements.

Pay Talks with Acas Mediator 

 Both Capita & CWU understand you will want to know if progress has been made in the talks with the Mediator.

 Whilst we are unable to go into details we are pleased to report a very good exchange of views facilitated by the Mediator took place and as such various options were explored in pursuit of a mutually agreeable outcome.

 Both parties are keen to make progress as we are conscious people would like to see a solution to the impasse reached. In this regard we are pleased to advise you a further meeting has been arranged with the Mediator for Thursday 15th September. Until this meeting is held we won’t comment further but suffice to say both CWU & Capita are taking the process seriously and are jointly engaging with the aim of establishing a way forward.

 We are grateful for your understanding in this complex matter whilst wishing to convey caution in respect to expectations as we still remain some way apart hence the need for a further meeting

 Paul Johnston                                               Andy Furey

Capita TVL Managing Director                         CWU Assistant Secretary

I would like to thank our Research Department for their valued assistance in helping to prepare our comprehensive submission to the Mediator.

Finally, we have also made arrangements to meet online with our Senior Capita Representatives on Friday 9thSeptember.

Further developments will be reported.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey
Assistant Secretary

22LTB357 Capita TVL – Pay 2022 – Acas Mediation

View Online

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