SUPPORT THE POSTIES! Find a picket line near you

Find A Picket Line Near Me

Every single person relied on a postal worker during the pandemic—they kept us connected to our loved ones and provided a lifeline to the most vulnerable in our society.

Now, those same key workers need your support. 

Like all workers, posties are suffering from sky-rocketing inflation and soaring energy bills. But when the CWU asked for the real pay rise they deserve, the bosses said no.

Let’s be clear. Royal Mail Group can afford to give our posties a pay rise – but they won’t. 

That’s why this Friday, 115,000 postal workers will walk-out across the country, in the largest strike of the summer. 

Here’s how you can support them.

  1. Visit a picket line. Click the button below to find a picket line near you.
  2. Print out this poster and place it in your window and or on your door to show your support for a proper pay rise for posties (make sure you take a picture and tag us!)
  3. Share support on social media using the hashtags #EnoughisEnough and #StandByYourPost

Find A Picket Line Near Me

If you are visiting a picket line on Friday morning, make sure you bring a sign, banner or poster to show your support for striking posties and for Enough is Enough! Share the solidarity by uploading pictures to social media using the hashtag #EnoughisEnough and tagging @eiecampaign and @cwunews

Picket lines are usually most active between 6:30-10:00am, so make sure you get there early. 

Join us and turn anger into action

Find A Picket Line Near Me


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