Re: Severe Heat Red Weather Warning – RMP&FS Workforce

Re: Severe Heat Red Weather Warning – RMP&FS Workforce:

This is a further update to LTBs 311/22, 310/22, 308/22, 306/22, 305/22 226/22 and 213/22.

Over the weekend and earlier this morning discussions have taken place with the RMG Interim Global Safety Director and RMP&FS senior Directors and Managers regarding the impact of the Met Office Red Warning hot weather alert on the RMP&FS workforce and services provided by RMP&FS across Royal Mail Group.

Further to the communication issued yesterday, Sunday 17 July 2022, an additional communication Was issued earlier today with the following key points communicated to all RMP&FS workers:-

  • A Met Office red weather warning indicates that ‘dangerous weather is expected’ and that workers should take action to keep themselves and others safe from its impact.
  • RMP&FS puts the safety of their people first and the Health and Safety team has been working in consultation with the CWU on a risk assessment that takes into account the Met Office advice.
  • For any geographical area that has a Red weather warning, the Met Office website should be checked and during the time that the hourly temperature indicates Red (35 degrees C or above) all outdoor operational activity must be suspended. 
  • For an Amber warning, suspension decisions should be reviewed and decided upon locally through the PFSL Risk Assessment
  • For those areas impacted by weather warnings, once the temperature reaches 35 degrees C or above(forecasted 1pm) employees must stop work immediately and contact their line manager.
  • Employees  should ensure they have plenty of water with them when travelling, these costs can be reimbursed via business expenses 
  • If outdoors, employees should ensure they apply a high factor sunscreen at regular intervals during the day, cover up and wear a wide-brimmed hat
  • The Met Office weather warnings will be monitored every hour during the day via Met Office Website (Weather and climate change – Met Office) and any updates will be communicated 
  • All RMP&FS workers should return to their office if at any time they feel unwell due to the heat and intense sunlight.

See attached:

RMG/RMPFS Managers Red Weather Warning Update Communication dated 17 July 2022 and additional communication dated 18 July 2022 – issued by Stuart Davies Director of Property & Facilities Solutions Ltd (PFSL) and Phil Graham RMG Interim Safety Director

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
CWU National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

22LTB312 Severe Heat Red Weather Warning RMPFS Workforce

RMPFS – Red Weather Warning Communication Update Communication(V2)

View Online


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