People Case Support Managers – PCSM’s

People Case Support Managers – PCSM’s

We have received a number of enquiries into the department about Royal Mail using People Case Support Manager’s (PCSM’s) in the delivery function within Royal Mail. The PCSM position has come about due to the restructure of the delivery function.

When we were made aware of the positions and their potential role we met with Royal Mail’s Policy Team.

We have a number of concerns about the role Royal Mail wish the PCSM’s to perform. This ranges from supporting the Operational Performance Leader (OPL) by preparing letters etc. to actually doing investigations and hearing appeals.

We do not believe the PCSM’s are of a dismissal grade, in line with our current agreements.
Whilst Royal Mail implemented their new structure in Delivery from 23rd May 2022, we have not agreed the position of People Case Support Manager and therefore have informed Royal Mail, in line with our agreements, we want the second line manager to perform the actual role, not a PCSM.

We have been told the full complement of PCSM’s is not fully operational as some are in the process of being recruited and others are in training.

Where individual members believe a PCSM is or has been involved in a case around one of our agreements, we advise you to put in a grievance on a breach of our National Agreement and request the 2nd line manager deals with your case in line with our agreement.

Where representatives believe a PCSM is or has been involved in a case, we advise you to put the issue into the framework on a breach of our National Agreement and request the 2nd line manager deals with cases in line with our agreement(s).

We are continuing to raise our concerns with Royal Mail, which include confidentiality,
breach of our current national agreements and the potential of executive action should
these positions become part of their structure in Delivery without agreement.

The people case support manager position is covered under our Emergency Motion
which was carried at Annual Conference earlier this year and is reproduced below.


This conference notes as a result of the Coronavirus COVID – 19 Pandemic, Royal
Mail, taking national and local government advice, introduced appeals to be conducted
virtually. This was due to be a short term measure for the duration of the Pandemic.

As the lockdown restrictions were eased, we entered into negotiations around restoring
face to face appeals for our members.

Royal Mail have continued to arrange and conduct appeals virtually, despite the
lockdown restrictions being lifted within all 4 devolved nations.

The CWU invoked the Disputes Resolution Procedure (DRP) and further negotiations
took place.

On 22nd April 2022, Royal Mail wrote to the Assistant Secretary, Postal Technical and
Central Services (PTCS) Department, stating Executive Action was being taken
whereby Royal Mail were imposing face to face appeals to be heard in only 16 locations
around the United Kingdom and this was to start from 9th May 2022. Further to an
intervention by the DGSP the Executive Action date has been paused and the talks
have been escalated.

This conference agrees that RMG’s position on this issue is deliberately designed to
drive people to virtual appeals.

Conference further agrees that this RMG policy threatens the spirit and intent of our
current agreements, natural justice, and is discriminatory to those who would choose
a face to face interview.

This conference instructs the Postal Executive to oppose this approach with all means
necessary and ensure that our agreements and protections are maintained both in
respect of this issue and indeed the implementation of any new management structure.

There will be a report back to branches on progress in respect of this policy.

The Postal Executive are instructed accordingly.

We will keep you updated on any progress.

Any enquiries to this LTB please contact: The PTCS Department reference 420, email

Yours sincerely,

Carl Maden.
Assistant Secretary


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