Re: Royal Mail Group Tyre Safety Campaign – “Tyre Safety – Why Risk It” – “Don’t Chance It – Check It” and “ACT – Air Pressure, Condition & Tread”

Re: Royal Mail Group Tyre Safety Campaign – “Tyre Safety – Why Risk It” – “Don’t Chance It – Check It” and “ACT – Air Pressure, Condition & Tread”:


Royal Mail Group have launched a major Tyre Safety and driver awareness raising initiative following a series of visits and spot checks at Delivery Offices where a number of tyres in a clearly ‘dangerous’ and illegal condition were discovered. See attached two example images of illegal tyres discovered on in-service vans at two delivery offices.

On further investigation, it was found that Royal Mail Fleet Workshops are currently removing and replacing a significant number of illegal tyres from Royal Mail vehicles, with examples of tyres worn until there is no remaining tread and the steel wires and textile cords are exposed.

The clear conclusion drawn from this is that firstly, driver pre-use safety checks are not taking place in a number of Offices and secondly, Managers (PiCs) are also not undertaking checks either.

SHE Huddle/Staff Briefing – RMTV, Screens, Intranet, Slides and Comms:

Find attached a Royal Mail Group SHE Huddle/Staff Briefing which has been prepared with the involvement and under the direction of the RMG National Road Safety Manager and RMG Global Director of Safety and Health which is being released and circulated this week.

Supporting the SHE Huddle/Staff Briefing are two slides (copies attached) which will be repeatedly shown on the Royal Mail Group screens, RMG intranet and the RMG ‘workplace’ social media site. There will additionally will be a slot on RMTV to increase coverage of this campaign with communications going out over the next two weeks.

Full involvement and support of CWU ASRs and WSRs: 

In the SHE Huddle/Staff Briefing document, it’s suggested that Unit Managers/PiCs (Person in Control) might deliver the SHE Huddle in the yard and check some fleet vehicles tyres whilst they are delivering the briefing to drivers.  The RMG National Road Safety Manager and RMG Global Director of Safety and Health have specifically requested the full involvement and support of CWU ASRs and WSRs at the Offices in their Branch area, ensuring that these vital messages are delivered to our members who are Drivers for Royal Mail, Parcelforce, RMSS, RMP&FS etc. ASRs are asked to check that all Offices have delivered the Staff Briefing and displayed the attached information.

 Life-threatening risk:

With a greater likelihood of losing road grip or traction, greater stopping distances and an increased risk of life-threatening things like loss of control, aquaplaning and blowouts, nothing is more dangerous than driving with worn-out tyres. By doing so, drivers put themselves and others at risk. There’s also the risk of prosecution and serious penalties. ‘Check the tyres on your van every day’ is the clear message both RMG and the CWU want to get across to all drivers – it’s so very important. Whenever significant tread wear, cuts or lumps, bulges or cracks etc are spotted, drivers should immediately report it and don’t drive a vehicle with unsafe worn or damaged tyres – get them replaced. So, as far as tyres go, there is no doubt that it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Drivers Pre-Use Daily Vehicle Checks – “MANDATORY REQUIREMENT” – We need every driver to do the right thing:

Tyres are an integral part of all drivers daily vehicle safety checks, and it is a ‘mandatory requirement’ that every tyre on every vehicle is checked every day before it is driven.

The campaign message is; “Don’t Chance It, Check It.” Vehicle pre-use safety checks and wearing a seatbelt whilst driving are the essential basics for keeping safe on the road. We need every driver doing the right thing, every day. Tyres are the part of a vehicle that keeps it attached to the road. Ensuring that they are well maintained is essential to ensure that they perform properly and keep our drivers and other road users safe.

Royal Mail Group policy requires that drivers complete a visual check of their vehicle every day before use. This includes checking the tyres. Checking for any damage and feeling the tyre marker bars within the tread. If the tread is level with the marker then the tyre is below the legal limit and needs changing.

On a weekly basis, drivers should also measure the depth of tread across the width of the tyre and check that the tyre is correctly inflated. On RM Operational vehicles the tyre pressure is marked on the wheel arch of the vehicle. It can also be found on plates inside the doors, or in vehicle handbook. If the tread is 2mm or below, then it must be changed.

Time is allowed in drivers duties for these pre-use safety checks to be completed.

Never Drive a Vehicle with defective tyres 

Managers Key Actions:

The message to all Managers/PiCs is that tyres are an integral part of their staff, driver team’s daily vehicle checks, and it is a mandatory requirement that every tyre on every vehicle is checked every day before it is driven. When making sure vehicle checks are being completed at the site, managers have been asked to physically check at least one vehicle per week to ensure that vehicle check records accurately reflect the condition of the vehicle. In deliveries, managers should use the vehicle checks dashboard or check vehicle log-books to ensure that all drivers are completing vehicle checks and to see which vehicles have been/have not been checked, taking prompt action to correct this if they aren’t.  Managers are asked to deliver the attached huddle/briefing in the yard and complete checks of some vehicle tyres with the drivers. Managers must ensure that worn tyres are changed in a timely fashion and that any defects found are reported to the RM Fleet Customer Service number. For any tyre work and to replace worn or damaged tyres, call the RM Fleet Customer Service Number: 0345 266 0005.

What can be done to improve road safety? – “ACT”

Ensuring the tyres of all RMG vehicles are well maintained is essential to ensure that they perform properly and most importantly, keep drivers and other road users safe.

Managers should remember to“ACT” and encourage drivers to “ACT” as follows:-

  • Air Pressure – ensure that tyres are inflated to the correct pressure.
  • Condition – ensure there is no damage, lumps, bulges, cuts or cracks.
  • Tread – the legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm for car/van tyres and 1.0 mm for HGV.  Royal Mail Group policy is to change tyres at 2.0mm to ensure that RMG vehicles never drop below the legal minimum.

 Did you know? 

  • Excessively worn tyresincrease stopping distances, particularly in the wet and increase the risk of a ‘blow-out’ which can result in loss of control and lead to a serious collision.
  • Driving with illegal tyres risks serious injury or even fatality to the driver or other road users.
  • Incorrectly inflated tyres will provide less grip, will wear quickly and unevenly, and will reduce fuel economy.
  • Damaged tyres with lumps, bulges, cuts or cracks, can result in ‘blow-outs’ where the tyre fails catastrophically and without warning.
  • Low tread reduces grip and increases stopping distances, particularly in the wet.

Illegal, damaged, or under-inflated tyres are the most common vehicle defect and contribute to around 200 deaths and 1200 serious road traffic accidents in the UK each year. 

Drivers Legal Responsibility and Prosecution Risks:

Drivers are personally responsible for the condition of the tyres on the Royal Mail vehicles they are driving whilst on the road. Driving with illegal tyres can result in the driver receiving a fine of up to £2500 and 3 penalty points, Per Tyre! – Would all ASRs and WSRs get this message across to all our Driving Members! Many think that Royal Mail will solely be held responsible when it’s not the case!

Yours Sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety and Environment Officer

LTB 183-22 Royal Mail Group Tyre Safety Campaign Tyre Safety – Why Risk It Dont Chance It Check It and ACT – Air Pressure Condition Tread (002)

SHE Huddle FY22 019 Tyres

Example Images of Illegal tyres found on Royal Mail Vans at difference D.._

Are your Tyres ready for action

Know your tyre tread depth 

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