June 18th TUC Rally – Mobilisation Resources

June 18th TUC Rally – Mobilisation Resources

You will be aware from previous communications of the importance of every branch starting to mobilise on a large scale for the TUC demonstration in London on June 18th.

We will be emphasising just how crucial this is to the overall direction of the union at our Annual Conference next week.

We have also committed to producing a significant level of resource and merchandise to promote the event. Again, we will go through this at our Conference.

We do however recognise that some branches have already commenced work to book coaches and mobilise members and on that basis, we have put together a landing page on the CWU website where branches will be able to download our resources easily.

This page will become more populated in the coming weeks but for now, please make use of the posters and graphics and use them to make members, reps, family, and friends aware of the demonstration.

Link to site https://www.cwu.org/new-deal-for-workers-rally

Yours sincerely,

Dave Ward
General Secretary

Chris Webb
Head of Communications

22LTB182 June 18th TUC Rally – Mobilisation Resources

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