Trade Unions Stand with Ukraine – Demonstration on Saturday the 9th of April in London

Trade Unions Stand with Ukraine – Demonstration on Saturday the 9th of April in London

Today we are advising branches and members of our support for the Unions Stand with Ukrainedemonstration on Saturday the 9th of April in London.  The rally will take place in Parliament Square at 12 noon before heading to Downing Street.

As you will be aware, the Russian government’s violence has caused thousands of Ukrainian deaths and forced millions to flee their homes.  The devastation of this appalling and reactionary invasion has only grown worse over the last month, from attacks on hospitals and essential services to chaos at the borders of neighbouring countries.  The CWU condemns this violence and has made a donation to the International Trade Union Confederation’s combined response for Humanitarian Aid. However, even with this horrific crisis, we can see that working people – though separated by borders, nationalities and backgrounds – are united in their condemnation of needless aggression, suffering and war.

As a trade union movement, we call for peace and for all governments to reach a negotiated solution.  We send solidarity to the trade unionists of Ukraine who have been engaged in humanitarian assistance and resistance to the invasion.  The CWU, alongside other unions, also calls on the UK government to welcome refugees seeking to come to the UK, without imposing restrictions.

We support the Unions Stand with Ukraine demonstration on Saturday and send our solidarity to the Ukrainian people and their trade unions.  More details about the demonstration are available in the attached documents (provided in both English and Ukrainian).

Yours sincerely

Dave Ward
General Secretary

LTB 160/22 – Trade Unions Stand with Ukraine demonstration on Saturday the 9th of April in London

Unions Stand With Ukraine Poster – English 

Unions Stand with Ukraine Poster – Ukrainian


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