Following our members delivering the 97.3% Yes vote, Post Office has reaffirmed the pay freeze position for 2021/22; however, an “interim” offer has been made for 2022/23 as follows:

  • From 1st April 2022 – 2% consolidated pay increase flowing through to allowances
  • One-off £250 lump sum payment (unconsolidated and non-pensionable)

Angela Williams, Group Chief People Officer, stated in her correspondence “I recognise that times are hard with the increasing cost of living and I want us to be able to support our people in an affordable way.  This so-called “interim” offer is barely worth a quarter of the current rate of inflation with RPI currently standing at 8.2%.  If Post Office was genuinely concerned about our members they could easily resolve this dispute by offering a fair pay increase from 1st April 2021, which would provide our members with 12 months of arrears.

The “interim” proposal was made on the basis the 2% pay increase would be included within April salaries.  Ironically, the justification for this is “to help our employees with the immediate cost of living challenges”.  Clearly, this is an appalling offer, particularly when viewed against the backdrop of an imposed pay freeze for 2021/22.  Following a meeting of our Reps earlier today the offer was rejected as ridiculous and we have invited Post Office to do better.  Basically, the offer is inflammatory and in reality, they can easily afford a significantly improved offer and evidently will need to do so if they wish to avoid strike action.

Branches are advised the Postal Executive is due to consider next steps at its meeting scheduled for Thursday 7th April.  Further developments will be reported.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey
Assistant Secretary

22LTB159 Post Office – Pay Dispute 2021-22 – Pay Offer Received & Rejected

View Online

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