Further to LTB136/22 dated 23rdMarch.  I’m pleased to advise Branches and our TVL members that following the recent rejection of the pay offer we have now arranged to meet again with Paul Johnston, Managing Director on Wednesday 6th April.  In further correspondence, we have urged Capita to improve upon their rejected offer and have made the case for some tangible improvements over and above the headline numbers.  Specifically, these fall into two key categories:

  • Real Living Wage: Capita’s current offer is to increase the hourly pay rate from £9.50 to £9.90 applicable from 1st April (I would stress we believe they can do better in this regard). Bearing in mind the pay review date is 1st January 2022, this in effect means no pay increase for those on the lowest pay on the TVL contract for the first three months of this year.
  • 15-month Pay Proposal: Capita’s proposal is to move the pay review date by three months from 1st January to 1st This means the rejected offer, if accepted, would apply for a 15-month period.  Whilst we have no in-principle objection to moving the pay date, there does of course need to be a commensurate increase in pay to take account of the extended duration.  Clearly we can’t accept a 12-month offer being applied over 15 months as our members would lose out.  It follows this position has been strongly represented to Capita.

As a consequence, we are taking steps to write directly to our TVL members to explain the rationale for our stance in respect of the above aspects.  This is an important level of detail and complexity when considering the overall quantum of the offer, which is patently not good enough when viewed against the cost of living crisis.  Hopefully Capita will recognise this position and a revised offer will be made.

Further developments will be reported.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey
Assistant Secretary

22LTB154 Capita TVL – Cost of Living Crisis -Pay Talks

View Online


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