Tackling Damaged Parcel Spillages in Mail Centre, Parcel Sorting Machine (PSM) Areas – ‘Spill Kits’:

Tackling Damaged Parcel Spillages in Mail Centre, Parcel Sorting Machine (PSM) Areas – ‘Spill Kits’:

This is to remind Branches, ASRs, Engineers and Cleaners of the process for dealing with spillage incidents in Mail Centre, Parcel Sorting Machine (PSM) areas.

Following an increase in the number of spillage incidents reported in 2019/20 where parcels have been damaged and the contents spilling within the PSM, a trial of a new procedure and spill kits was introduced.

To assist PSM Offices, a poster was created and was put on display around all PSM machines. This poster is designed to reinforce the ‘Stay Calm’ process.

All PSM sites were provided with the poster along with guidance on how to address packaging issues with customers.  The guidance is a lift from the ‘Stay Calm’ guide and can also be found on the RM Intranet.

A trial of spill kits was carried out at Chelmsford MC and Warrington MC to assist with any future spillage incidents. These kits are stored in the PSM area near the manager’s station. The kits are available for use by managers and operators to assist them with the containment and clear up of spills within the PSM area.

Following the trial, feedback was collated and reviewed by the PSM Safety Forum. The kits were well received and deemed successful and were deployed to all PSM sites.

The Spill kit contains:

2x Absorbent mat (chemical sorbent multi-format compliant to BS7959-1)

1x Pair of protective gloves (complies to EN374-2:2003)

1x Disposable dustpan and brush

1x Disposal bag

1x Bag tie

1x User instructions

1x Hazardous waste disposal label 

The spill kit is not designed to replace the ‘Stay Calm’ on-line manual process. The spill kit is only designed to be used if you can answer ‘No’ to all three risk assessment questions as highlighted on the poster.


Damaged Parcel/Spillage Poster.

All enquiries to the CWU/HQ Health, Safety & Environment Department.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

LTB 561/21 – Tackling Damaged Parcel Spillages in Mail Centre, Parcel Sorting Machine (PSM) Areas – ‘Spill Kits’

Damaged Parcel Poster Issue 2

View Online


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