Royal Mail Group (SHE) Safety Flash (FY21 018) – Delivery Customers Premises, Electric Car Battery Cables Trip Hazard

Royal Mail Group (SHE) Safety Flash (FY21 018) – Delivery Customers Premises, Electric Car Battery Cables Trip Hazard:


All Royal Mail and Parcelforce Delivery and Collections Workers.




With the surge in ownership of electric vehicles, trailing cables are presenting an increasing risk to employees delivering and collecting to our customers’ homes and premises.

Key Messages:

Employees must use Dynamic Risk Assessment – Look – Consider – Decide when approaching properties. Electric vehicles increase the risk of trips from trailing cables.

Description, Issue, Impact and Effect:

Trailing electric car charging cables running from charging points to electric cars parked in the front of customers’ homes can present a growing number of trip hazards, leading to falls and injuries. With dark mornings and evenings and the increased frequency of charge point installations, a new charge point may appear with little or no notice. Stay vigilant, ‘Look-Consider-Decide.’

Learning Points:

  • Delivery and Collection workforce members should always take the safest route to access the delivery/collection point and should not step over any trailing cables. Always avoid and walk around them. Staff should Follow the RM Delivery Safe System of Work (SSoW) at all times.
  • Delivery ‘Blackspur RT340 torches’ are available to the workforce and can be ordered via the Uniform Employee App or at the following link:- for delivery and collection employees operating in hours of darkness.

Conclusion – Key Management Activities – Unit PiC Action Required

  • Managers to request Postmen/Postwomen OPGs to notify them of any addresses that have trailing cables across the access to a delivery or collection point in order to ensure this is reported on the WRAP system.
  • Managers to use the USO SharePoint to write to customers if electric car charge point, trailing cables present a hazard.
  • Unit PICs to ensure the SHE Flash is cascaded/briefed/shared with all delivery/collection workers and is clearly displayed in key locations.
  • Managers to ensure staff have Delivery Torches.


  • Copy of RMG SHE Safety Flash FY21 018 including images.

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

21LTB536 RMG (SHE) Safety Flash (FY21 018) – Delivery Customers Premises, Electric Car Battery Cables Trip Hazard

SHE Flash FY21 018 Customers Premises Electric Charging Cables Trip Hazard

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