Pathway to Change Agreement – Deployment of the SWW in PFW Hubs and Processing Centres

Branches and representatives are advised that further to LTB 109/21 Joint Statement – Parcelforce Worldwide and the Communication Workers Union: Pathway to Change Agreement – Agreed National Change Agenda for the Technology Roadmap and Indoor and Admin Revision Activity in Depots and the Deployment of the SWW, discussions have been continuing with the business in relation to arrangements for the SWW in PFW Hubs and Processing Centres. 

Discussions have taken longer than anticipated and have focused on the Coventry Hub operations and centered on revision activity designed to improve efficiency and reduce agency resource. A Joint Statement has now been concluded, which confirms deployment of the SWW at all four sites. The Joint Statement, which has been endorsed by the Postal Executive, is attached for your information.

The Joint Statement confirms:

The approach applied to the completed Revision Activity

 Working practices. 

 Layout and equipment. 

 Mapping and aligning Day and Night shift coverage and attendance times to the workload profile to meet quality and efficiency targets. 

 Creative shift patterns across the 7-day working week. 

 Consideration to the introduction of reserves. 

Labour Model Review

Activity had taken place previously that led to an extensive recruitment campaign and significantly reduced agency utilisation. However, agency use had started to increase and the attached Joint Statement reaffirms the 2017 commitments and sets a process for agency reduction. The recruitment activity referenced has already commenced.

Reward and Productivity

Following extensive discussions an agreement has been reached to defer a final decision on a new bonus scheme whilst further activity continues, which will ensure both parties have further time to explore options for a viable scheme in both Hubs. This activity will form part of year 2 productivity improvement activity. The joint aspiration is to deliver new bonus scheme arrangements at the Hubs by August 2022.

Annual Leave Review

A review of Annual Leave Arrangements will take place to ensure that they are consistent with the National agreement.

Network Redesign

PFW proposed to retard the Network despatches in outlying depots to increase the processing window and reduce Network costs. The department believed that tangible gains could be made through the Hubs revision activity to ensure more volume connected with existing services. The business have now largely accepted that position and the Joint Statement confirms that there will be no further Network changes at this time.

Productivity Flightpath

Discussions have centred on the establishment of an agreed baseline based on a Parcels Per Hour (PPH) measure which PFW use at the Hubs. Progress against the base line measure will be jointly monitored along with the phased reduction in agency staff and will be jointly monitored locally and through the National parties on a monthly basis.


In line with the agreed commitments the SWW benefit will be released for all Hub Operative roles on the deployment date of the Hubs revision 4th October 2021. 

The above principles and same process will be applied to the deployment of the SWW benefit in the International Hub, NWPC and SEPC sites.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, email: dwyatt@cwu.orgquoting reference: 054.06.

Yours sincerely

Davie Robertson

Assistant Secretary

LTB 411/21

Att: JS Deployment of SWW at PFW Hubs and Processing Centres – 28.09.21

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