Royal Mail Survey – Class C1, C and C+E Class Licences

Royal Mail Survey – Class C1, C and C+E Class Licences

Branches and representatives will be aware that the Pathway to Change Agreement contained commitments in relation to fast tracking discussions on the terms of a Driver Recruitment and Development program to reduce reliance on external resource and restore agreed resourcing arrangements. This commitment was also included in the Joint Statement between RM National Distribution and the CWU on the Deployment of the 2020/21 National Network Revision (LTB 056/21 refers). Over the course of 2021 two recruitment exercises have taken place to significantly increase the internal National Logistics Professional Driver workforce. 

Colleagues will also be aware from the extensive media coverage that has taken place recently that there is currently a National shortage of Professional Driver grades, this is affecting Royal Mail along with other businesses. In order to maximise driving resource for peak the business are therefore seeking to understand how many internal employees have the correct licenses who may be willing to drive for the business but require the Driver, Certificate of Professional Competence (DCPC), in order that appropriate courses can be planned.

Following discussions with the department the business have now advised that they will be undertaking a survey of all RMG employees. This will enable them to understand the correct licence holders who would be interested in driving LGV or MGV vehicles for National or Local Distribution during the Christmas peak period, and whether DCPC training is required.

The only licence categories included in the survey are:

 Class C1 MGV 

 Class C LGV (Rigid/17t) 

 Class C+E LGV (Articulated) 

Please note that C1E licence categories do not hold the required qualification to drive a LGV vehicle.

The survey will also inform ongoing discussions on the level and type of support necessary to ensure CPC attainment is not a barrier to internal progression going forward.

While the survey is voluntary, the department would encourage our members to participate if they hold the required category of licence and would be interested in driving for the business during the Christmas peak period. It should be made clear that the survey does not constitute a job offer.

Please note that the survey should not be completed by drivers who already hold substantive Area Distribution or Network Professional Driver roles.

For absolute clarity the survey relates only to DCPC requirements and not driver training to attain the listed licence categories. Separate discussions are being progressed on Driver Training packages and Branches will be updated when an agreement has been concluded.

The survey is being cascaded by Royal Mail via Workplace from today, 20th September 2021. No responses can be registered after 3rd October 2021, so interested members should ensure that the survey is completed by this date. Members may access the survey via the following QR code or link: If you are Class C1, Class C or Class C+E licence holder and would be interested in driving for National or Local Distribution during the peak period, please can you complete the survey that can be accessed by using your camera to scan the QR code below or by visiting and entering #545385 

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, email: dwyatt@cwu.orgquoting reference 211.07.

Yours sincerely

Davie Robertson

Assistant Secretary

LTB 400/21

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