Further to LTB 324/21 dated 4thAugust which confirmed the CWU had been designated as a “Core Participant” for the purposes of the Horizon IT Inquiry.  Branches are advised we will be conducting a short online survey to be emailed to our Postmaster members in relation to the following two points in Sir Wyn Williams’, Chair of the Inquiry, letter to me of 3rd August:

“the extent of any organisational and cultural changes implemented within Post Office Limited (“POL”) since the conclusion of the Post Office Group Litigation…” 

“…the suitability of existing arrangements between POL and subpostmasters to enable the latter to operate their businesses effectively”

Working in conjunction with Liam Kennedy, Research Department, and Mark Baker, Postmasters Branch Secretary, we have specifically designed 7 survey questions to gain important feedback from our Postmaster members around whether anything has materially changed culturally for the better since the Horizon group litigation order and whether they are satisfied with the current arrangements between themselves and Post Office.  It should be noted the questions have multiple-choice answers.

The primary purpose of this initiative is to use the survey results to support our supplementary submission to the Inquiry.  The survey also invites our Postmaster members to indicate if they are happy to be interviewed so we can use direct experiences/case studies to support our submission to the Inquiry as appropriate.  We are optimistic of achieving a good level of participation and confident of receiving some powerful statistics to support our submissions to the Inquiry.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey

Assistant Secretary

LTB 357/21 Post Office – Horizon Scandal – Survey of Postmaster Members

View Online


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