Post Office Ltd – 2021 Free Flu Vaccination Voucher Scheme and On-Site Clinics

Post Office Ltd – 2021 Free Flu Vaccination Voucher Scheme and On-Site Clinics:

Post Office Ltd have confirmed in discussions with the CWU Health, Safety & Environment Department that as part of POL’s ongoing health promotion and employee support programme, POL will again, in 2021 be offering a ‘free flu voucher’ vaccination scheme for the workforce. This is the fourth year POL have offered a ‘free flu jab’ voucher scheme to CWU member grades. The POL flu voucher scheme offer to staff will open in early September on a date to be confirmed.

The 2021 POL Flu Voucher Scheme Summary

  • The NHS are extending the groups eligible for a free flu vaccination this year.
  • Digital flu vaccination vouchers made available for all employees redeemable in 4,000 outlets which is over double the amount available last year and will include pharmacies, supermarkets etc.
  • On-site flu jab clinics are to be provided at Post Office Limited’s 6 largest Supply Chain Units – see details below.

Digital Vouchers

All POL employees wishing to take up the flu jab scheme offer will be given a link to access a digital voucher online which is redeemable at over 4,000 locations, e.g. pharmacies and supermarkets.

DMB and Supply Chain employees wishing to opt in to the scheme are being collated by their branch and unit managers and field and admin teams are able to request vouchers through the team form recently sent out via a ‘ONE Article’ or from the flu article on the POL hub.

Requests for ‘digital vouchers’ are to be submitted by the end of August.

The vouchers will then be made available very soon and should be redeemed and used as soon as possible.

Free NHS Vaccination

The NHS has extended the availability of free NHS provided flu jabs, expanding the groups eligible for a free vaccination. Eligible members are advised to take advantage of the NHS free flu jab scheme if they qualify under the below groups, as follows:

  • Those aged 50 years and over.
  • Those under 50 years old in clinically ‘at risk’ groups.
  • Pregnant women and carers.
  • Close contacts of immunocompromised individuals.

On-Site Flu Clinics In Post Office Ltd Supply Chain Largest Units

On-site flu jab clinics will be available in the six largest Supply Chain sites (see below) where a nurse will be on site to administer flu jabs and finalised dates will be confirmed with the sites directly in the very near future, once arrangements are finalised. These six units have been advised and over the next couple of weeks will be provided with further information and support.

  1. Glasgow CC & CViT
  2. Birmingham CC & CViT
  3. London CC & CViT
  4. Hemel Hempstead
  5. Swindon Stores
  6. Sheffield


Post Office Ltd have issued a communication this week to all employees and POL HQ have asked all Directly Managed Branch (DMB) Office Managers and Supply Chain (CViT) and Stores Managers to confirm numbers of staff wishing to take up the flu jab offer so as to ensure individuals receive a voucher code. The target return date is 31 August.

Communications will be aligned to the Government Flu Jab Scheme for this year as summarised above.

Further improvement has been made in both the NHS and POL schemes this year and hopefully this will encourage a greater take-up especially following the Coronavirus pandemic.

Considering the risk of flu and Covid-19 co-circulating this winter, we are encouraging members to have the flu jab to reduce their risk of getting flu, becoming unwell and passing it onto family, friends and work colleagues.

Having the flu vaccine is the best defence against the virus and increases people’s chance of having better health outcomes. It is advised to have the jab as early as possible before the flu virus becomes widespread in the autumn and winter months across the UK.

Attachment: POL Flu Jab Communication 18.08.21

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

LTB 347/21 – Post Office Ltd – 2021 Free Flu Vaccination Voucher Scheme and On-Site Clinics

Att: Free flu vaccinations for all colleagues in POL 2021

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