The purpose of this LTB is to update branches on the progress with the CWU Anti-Racism Statement and set out our next steps.

As set out in LTB 213/21, we produced this initiative in response to the TUC and Stand Up to Racism’s call for a one-off demonstration of taking the knee in workplaces.  We decided instead to produce a statement that called out racism and set out our values as an organisation to build a foundation upon which we could further engage members on our anti-racism work.

To date, we have had an excellent response from across the union to the statement, with over 12,000 CWU members voluntarily signing up.

The CWU Anti-Racism Statement is one of several important interventions that the union has made in recent years. These include:

  • Achieving by far our biggest ever turnout at any national Anti-Racism demo
  • Selling over 1500 CWU Anti-Racism football shirts in conjunction with Show Racism the Red Card and Fairshare
  • Holding a very successful first ever live Facebook session directly with members

The above actions, in addition to the work of our Branches and the union’s historical activity in this area, has put CWU in the forefront of the trade union movement when it comes to anti-racism activities.

The NEC has now agreed to build on this foundation by developing a more robust day-to-day strategy, taking it out into the regions and branches. This will include educational and engagement activities, as well as further events and communications – all aimed at expanding direct engagement in a way that builds on the values of the union.

A further paper will be brought to the next NEC meeting with more detailed plans for this approach, linking back to the commitments made in the original Anti-Racism statement that has received widespread support from across the union.

Finally, a further copy of the CWU Anti-Racism Statement is attached to this LTB and we would ask Branches to continue to work on increasing membership sign up to this.

Any enquiries on the above LTB should be sent to the General Secretary’s office – jdunn@cwu.org.

Yours sincerely

Dave Ward – General Secretary                                                           

Kate Hudson – Head of Equality, Education & Development


The values of a trade union bridge every divide and the CWU is a strong anti-racist organisation.

We deliver change together, we win ballots together, we take on employers together, and we will confront racism together.

Our priority is to unite working people by recognising that we share far more in common with one another than we do with those who seek to exploit and divide us.

The signatories of this statement commit to:

–  Calling out and challenging racism wherever we see it, in wider society or the workplace

–  Uniting working people, by being open to new effective approaches, including practical steps that tackle racism and all forms of injustice through the power of our collective strength

–  Promoting this statement to colleagues, friends and family – urging them to show their support.

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