JS PFW Customer Experience SWW Deployment

LTB 236/21 – JS PFW Customer Experience SWW Deployment

No: 236/21

11th June 2021

For the Immediate Attention of All:

Postal Branches

PFW Regional Organisers

PFW Representatives

Dear Colleagues

Branches and representatives will be aware that LTB 109/21 communicated the Joint Statement – Parcelforce Worldwide and the Communication Workers Union: Pathway to Change Agreement – Agreed National Change Agenda for the Technology Roadmap and Indoor and Admin Revision Activity in Depots and the Deployment of the SWW, and that further activity was to take place in relation to the PFW Customer Experience function.

In line with the aforementioned, the department has been in discussions with the business which has resulted in a Joint Statement being concluded and endorsed by the Postal Executive.  A copy of the Joint Statement is attached for information.

The Joint Statement outlines a two-phased approach to activity in the Customer Experience (CE) function, the aim of which is to rebalance the workload.  Phase 1 will enable a new Central Team of CE Advisors to be created in the RM Dearne House Customer Experience site by releasing existing Depot CE agency resource on a phased basis.  This realignment of workload currently performed by agency resource will achieve an efficiency saving equivalent to 6 FTE’s, which will fund the one-hour reduction in the working week for the remaining CE advisors in PFW Depot sites. 

CE Advisors at the new central team will be employed on a substantive basis. A full PFW familiarisation and induction training program will be delivered to all new employees and individuals will be offered a permanent contract after 12 weeks provided that have achieved the required standard for the role. Phase 1 therefore transfers workload covered by agency workers to internal resource with no impact on employed Depot based  CE Advisors.

Activity will commence immediately on Phase 1, which will release the SWW one-hour reduction for Depot based CE employees on the same date (but not before) as the rest of the Depot CSPs.  A commitment has also been given in relation to ongoing activity for Phase 2.

The creation of the new central workforce will provide future opportunity to realise further efficiency savings when vacancies occur through natural attrition in Depot CE & Admin teams via Phase 2.  As an agreed principle of Phase 2 a proportion of these vacancies will be converted into permanent resource in the Central Team in line with ongoing call volume demand requirements on the following basis:

  • CE Vacancies – where vacancies arise the workload will be re-aligned to the Central CE Team in the majority of cases.

The exception to this would be where any of the small number of remaining hybrid CE/Admin duties become vacant.  In these cases a local review will take place to assess the split of workload across the Depot Admin and CE functions to ensure that the movement of workload provides the optimum mutual interest outcome for the Depot and the Central CE Unit.

  • Admin Vacancies – CE advisors will be offered the first opportunity to transfer into any general Admin vacancies that occur on a voluntary basis, as they will possess the appropriate transferable skills to perform an Admin role.
  • Driver and Warehouse Vacancies – CE advisors will be able to transfer into any other vacant CSP role on a voluntary basis.

It has been jointly recognised there is no fixed timescale to achieve the efficiency savings offered by Phase 2 activity, as the plan relies on natural attrition to create vacancies and the Central Team resource will increase over a longer period.  For clarity, no depot based CE Advisor will be required to change role and any transfer to another role will be entirely voluntary.

The Customer Service Joint Working Group will continue to monitor PFW call volume/workload data and will review progress of the efficiencies achieved by both phases of the deployment plan and the impact on the overall PFW CE resourcing model.  This will include a monthly review of Depot CE/Admin vacancies and CE resource levels in the Depots and the new Central Team.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, email: dwyatt@cwu.orgquoting reference 054.06.

Yours sincerely

Davie Robertson

Assistant Secretary

LTB 236/21 – JS PFW Customer Experience SWW – 11.06.21

Attachment 1 – PFW CE SWW Deployment 10.06.21

View Online

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