Royal Mail Group – Safe & Slow Reversing Communications Initiative (Title “Reversing – The Power of 1 MPH”)

Royal Mail Group – Safe & Slow Reversing Communications Initiative (Title “Reversing – The Power of 1 MPH”)

The Royal Mail Group Safety Health and Environment Team’s National Road Safety Manager has launched a Safe and Slow Reversing Communication Initiative which the CWU Health, Safety & Environment Department is supporting.

Last year 2,397 road traffic collisions (RTCs) occurred involving RMG (RM, PFWW, RMSS, RMP&FS etc.,) when fleet vehicles were reversing which is over 30% of all RTCs.  Road Safety organisations note that reversing a vehicle is sometimes difficult, particularly in a commercial

vehicle where the driver’s visibility is limited. THEREFORE EXTRA CARE AND MOVING THE VEHICLE SLOWLY IS IMPORTANT!

Key Facts:

One way to make reversing easier is to keep the vehicle speed DEAD SLOW, by ‘inching’ it backwards at 1 MPH or as slow as possible.  The difference it makes is:

  • More time – drivers can carefully check mirrors as they reverse and can react to reversing sensors.  If a vehicle is reversed at over 4mph, the vehicle will hit an obstruction before the driver even hears the sensors.
  • Better control – drivers can make adjustments as they go, increasing the manoeuvrability of the vehicle and making it less likely that they’ll misjudge the space.
  • Limited damage – if a driver does make a mistake, the level of damage will be massively reduced.  There’s even a chance that there will be no damage at all.

NOTE: It takes just 11 seconds to reverse 5 metres at 1mph.

Key Messages to Drivers:

  1. Limit your speed when reversing, ‘inching’ it backwards and keeping below 1 MPH.
  2. Use the clutch to control your speed and cover the brake with your right foot. You shouldn’t need the accelerator to reverse.
  3. Be cautious – if ever in doubt, just stop. No driver will hit anything when stationary!

See attached:

  • “This Week In Opps” Briefing/Huddle message.
  • “RMTV Screen Message. Reversing at 1mph gives you:

*TIME – more time to check your mirrors and react to your sensors

*CONTROL – you can easily make adjustments as you reverse

*OUTCOME – if you do make a mistake, the damage is reduced

In addition to the attached, the RMG National Road Safety Manager will be launching a brief video tutorial on RM Workplace.

Management only enquiries to Mark Bromhall Royal Mail Group Road Safety Manager Mobile: 07872 815241 Email:

Yours sincerely

Dave Joyce
National Health, Safety & Environment Officer

LTB 216/21 – RMG – Safe & Slow Reversing Communications Initiative (Title “Reversing – The Power of 1 MPH”)

Att: This Week in Ops – Reversing – Power of 1MPH v2

Att: TV screen template Wk9 Reversing 1MPH_V4

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