Members and Representatives have been contacting the departments to ask whether Royal Mail Property and Facilities Solutions Limited (PFSL) are part of the Royal Mail Trust Survey.

RMPFSL Cleaners, Engineering, Admin and Generic Grades are an important part of Royal Mail Group and therefore we are encouraging all members to participate in the Trust Survey and give their views.

The closing date for the Trust Survey is Sunday 9th May 2021 and therefore any PFSL member who wishes to participate in the trust survey will get time to complete the survey, please speak with your line manager to arrange this.

We encourage all PFSL representatives to give as much publicity as possible to this LTB to ensure RMPFSL members have their say in the survey and we can engage the company on the results.

All enquiries regarding the content of this LTB should be addressed to the PTCS Department, quoting reference 220. Email address: or Outdoor Department, reference120, email address:

Yours sincerely,
Carl Maden                                                                      
Assistant Secretary (Acting)                                    
PTCS Department    

Mark Baulch
Assistant Secretary
Outdoor Department

LTB 180/21

View Online


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