Joint Statement Parcelforce Worldwide and the Communication Workers Union Pathway to Change Agreement – Agreed National Guidelines for the Deployment of Parcelforce Route Analytics (PRA) in PFW

Joint Statement Parcelforce Worldwide and the Communication Workers Union:

Pathway to Change Agreement – Agreed National Guidelines for the Deployment of Parcelforce Route Analytics (PRA) in PFW

Branches and representatives will be aware that Section 2.3 of the Pathway to Change Agreement committed both parties to integrated discussions on the change agenda for Parcelforce and the enablers for the deployment of the Shorter Working Week.

For Depot Grades the Joint Statement: Pathway to Change Agreement – Agreed National Change Agenda for the Technology Roadmap and Indoor and Admin Revision Activity in Depots and the Deployment of the SWW has been communicated via LTB 109/21. 

The activity for PFW detailed in the aforementioned LTB, details the Technology Roadmap that is being utilised in relation to C&D elements, which includes Planning Values (PV) and Parcelforce Route Balancer (PRB). In addition, reference is also made to an agreed Joint Statement on Guidelines for the Deployment of Parcelforce Route Analytics (PRA). The Postal Executive has endorsed the Joint Statement and a copy of the document is attached for your information. 

Parcelforce Route Analytics (PRA) technology is built on the same platform as PDA Outdoor Actuals, which is utilised in the RM Letters function. This technology provides geospatial information to enable a visual debrief to take place once a route has been completed. Parcelforce believe that the introduction of the technology will allow the business to use the data produced to significantly improve the quality of route structures, by identifying anomalies which address recognition and sequencing.

For the department, the priority in relation to what is largely tried and tested technology is to ensure that the de-brief process remains supportive and that the significant safeguards contained in current Parcelforce technology agreements are retained in full.

To this end the following safeguards have been secured:

 The activity will require no direct input from the driver, but will improve the quality of information available for de-brief activity. 

 De- brief activity will remain Peer to Peer. 

 Individual PRA data will remain confidential and will not be shared beyond the de-briefer, the Driver and the line management team. 

 Individual PRA Data will not be published or displayed anywhere outside the console. 

 The deployment of this new technology upgrade will be in line with the established principles defined in the 2011 “The Use of Intermec CN3 Scanners” agreement including: 

  •  The right to privacy in the workplace.
  •  No use of the data for individual performance management.
  •  No use of the data for conduct code procedures.

 PRA will not be used automatically to update Planning Values (PVs). 

PRA will be deployed at all Depots in conjunction with the commencement of pilot activity in relation to the other elements of the Technology Roadmap (LTB 109/21 refers).

The deployment of PRA will continue to be monitored at National level by the ‘Table of Success’ Joint Working Group. A formal review will be provided to the National negotiators of this agreement within three months of initial roll out detailing any improvement recommendations.

Joint launch activity took place on 17 March 2021 for the sites involved in the pilot activity and it will also be the department’s intention to arrange a virtual Parcelforce Representative’s Briefing to enable discussion and full understanding of the commitments in the Joint Statement. Arrangements will be communicated as soon as they are finalised.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, email: quoting reference 054.06

Yours sincerely

Davie Robertson
Assistant Secretary


Attachment 1 – JS on Guidelines on the deployment of PRA 17.03.21

View Online


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