Royal Mail Survey – Class C and Class C+E Licences

Royal Mail Survey – Class C and Class C+E Licences

Branches and representatives will be aware that the Pathway to Change Agreement contained commitments in relation to fast tracking discussions on the terms of a Driver Recruitment and Development program to reduce reliance on external resource and restore agreed resourcing arrangements. This commitment was also included in the recently communicated Joint Statement between RM National Distribution and the CWU on the Deployment of the 2020/21 National Network Revision (LTB 056/21 refers).

The department have therefore been in discussions with the business in relation to progressing this commitment to maximise the opportunity for internal candidates to progress in future recruitment campaigns. During previous campaigns it had become apparent while individuals may hold the required licence the lack of CPC at the time of application for vacancies was creating a barrier to progression, which is contrary to the terms of the 2018 National agreements on Resourcing LGV and MGV Recruitment and Future Resourcing Principles. We have therefore been seeking to establish a commitment from Royal Mail that they will support the opportunity for individuals to complete their CPC where it is required.

It has now been decided that in order to support future recruitment activity and provide individuals with every opportunity to progress to a Professional Driver role at the appropriate time, that Royal Mail will undertake a survey of all employees to establish what vocational (LGV/MGV) licences are held and CPC status.

The survey will inform ongoing discussions on the level and type of support necessary to ensure CPC attainment is not a barrier to internal progression.

While the survey is voluntary the department would encourage our members to participate if they are interested in future progression, in order to maximise opportunities. It should be made clear that the survey does not constitute a job offer and applications for any vacancies would need to be submitted by individuals at the appropriate time when advertised.

Please note that the survey should not be completed by drivers who hold already substantive Network Professional Driver roles.

The survey has started to be cascaded by Royal Mail via various platforms and members may access the survey via the following QR code or link:

Royal Mail and CWU are keen to understand which colleagues in the business are notcurrently LGV Drivers but do hold the relevant Class C/Class C+E licence

Any frontline colleague who holds a Class C/Class C+E driving licence and is interested in moving to an LGV Driver role in the near future is invited to tell us about their licence and Driver CPC status. The information will help shape our recruitment decisions in 2021 and beyond.

To indicate interest, frontline colleagues can simply complete our online survey between 8 March 2021 and 27 March 2021. The

form can be accessed easily from any device by following this link or scanning the QR code displayed on plasma screens across the business.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, email: quoting reference 211.07.

Yours sincerely,

Davie Robertson

Assistant Secretary

LTB 090/21

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