LTB 042 – TUC Heart Unions Week – National ‘Follow the Union Day” – Friday 12th February

LTB 042 – TUC Heart Unions Week – National ‘Follow the Union Day” – Friday 12th February

No. 042/21

4 February 2021


Dear Colleagues,

TUC Heart Unions Week – National ‘Follow the Union Day” – Friday 12th February

The Annual TUC Heart Unions week will be held this year from 8-12th February.

As part of this week of activity, each union has been asked to hold an online event. We have chosen to host National Follow the Union Day on Friday 12th February.

This day will be used to highlight the details of the national unions social media channels and ask as many members as possibly to like and follow our accounts. In the coming days we will produce materials which will aid branches in promoting the event. We would also encourage branches to advertise and promote your own social media channels as part of this event.

Whilst, on the face of it, this event may not seem one of our more significant moments, it is absolutely critical that as we face serious issues with our employers and we seek to grow our influence in the wider movement, we have the greatest natural reach possible.

National Follow the Union Day will be backed by a number of high-profile figures across our movement who will share messages of support throughout the day.

We would also ask branches to use the day to promote the best of our union. With this in mind our hashtag for next Friday will be #CWUandProud – so we want videos, messages and graphics letting the whole movement know why you are so proud to be CWU.

Please support this event, grow our channels and play in key role in getting our messages out to members.

Kind regards

Dave Ward                    Chris Webb

General Secretary      Head of Communications                                          

LTB 042-21 – TUC Heart Unions Week – National ‘Follow the Union Day” – Friday 12th February

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