The industrial action ballot involving our Repayment Project Engineer members closed today.  I am delighted to publish the result in line with the required legislation.

  • (a) number of ballot papers sent out – 170
  • (b) votes cast in the ballot – 160
  • (c) individuals answering “Yes” to the question, or as the case may be, to each question – 138
  • (d) individuals answering “No” to the question, or, as the case may be, to each question – 22
  • (e) spoiled voting papers – 0
  • (f) Percentage of number of votes cast in line with the number of individuals entitled to vote in the ballot – 94%

This is an absolutely fantastic outcome and clearly shows the strength of feeling among the members impacted by the imposed changes.  Our RPE members have driven this campaign from the beginning until today in order to ensure that the RPE role remains as a team member grade.  This will undoubtedly continue and by acting as a collective we will deliver the outcome they set out to achieve.

The support given by reps, Branches, Regional Co-ordinators, the National Team and Executive has been invaluable and is appreciated by the members who have made their voice heard with this result.  This is not a CWU driven issue or campaign as has been suggested by the company.

The company must now reflect on this outcome and return to the negotiating table with a genuine desire to resolve this dispute by reaching an agreement that ensures the RPE role remains a team member grade.  The CWU is willing to meet the company as soon as possible in order to progress the discussions.  In the absence of a commitment to move forward on that basis then the appropriate notice and strike action will take place.

Branches will be kept up to date with progress and are asked to ensure they continue to support their members in the days and weeks ahead.

Any enquiries from Branches regarding this LTB should be referred to my office in the first instance.

Yours sincerely,

Dave Bowman

Assistant Secretary



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