Formation of the CWU United Tech and Allied Workers (UTAW) National Branch

Formation of the CWU United Tech and Allied Workers (UTAW) National Branch

The purpose of this LTB is to inform branches of the formation of the new United Tech and Allied Workers (UTAW) branch of the Communication Workers’ Union, which seeks to represent and fight for workers interests in the expanding tech sector.

The CWU was approached by the London Branch of a group called the Tech Workers Coalition (TWC) earlier in the year with a request to discuss the feasibility of them joining the CWU. It is indicative of our high standing in the trade union movement and our innovative communications approach, that the TWC specifically approached the CWU as the union they wanted to join and work with to recruit and organise in the sector.

During initial conversations, the TWC outlined the background of their organisation, provided details on their current working environment, highlighted the issues that come with working in a sector where little to no union recognition currently exists, and made the case for why they wish to join as a standalone National Branch within the CWU.

Following subsequent work from the Recruitment & Organising Department – within which the feasibility, practicalities and potential of a new tech workers national branch have been explored and outlined – the CWU National Executive Committee approved the formation of the new branch.

The CWU has for some time been a viable option for workers in the tech industry looking to unionise, and already has members in the sector.

The formation of this new branch seeks to expand our existing membership in the sector and provide existing and potential members a place within which to organise and collectivise to support and empower one another as we fight against exploitative business practices in the industry and for the improvement of every member’s working conditions.

UTAW represents all tech workers: if you know someone who develops or deploys technology; if you have a family member whose workplace is owned by a tech company; if you have a friend whose labour is a necessary part of a tech companies’ operation; and if they are not currently a member of a trade union but would like to be – please encourage them to join us.

Any enquiries on the above LTB should be addressed to the Recruitment & Organising Department at

Yours sincerely,

Ray Ellis                                                       Dave Ward
Head of Recruitment and Organising   General Secretary

LTB 461/20 – Formation of the CWU United Tech and Allied Workers (UTAW) National Branch

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