Terms of Reference for Phase 2 of Inflight & Redelivery Enhancements Training & Pilot

Terms of Reference for Phase 2 of Inflight & Redelivery Enhancements Training & Pilot

As Branches are aware the highly competitive parcels market continues to grow with customers
demanding more from Royal Mail in terms of extra features on the parcels that are carried. Royal
Mail is introducing new product features available on Royal Mail Tracked 24 & 48 and Special
Delivery Guaranteed to support receiving customers who want more control over delivery of
their items.

As part of the Inflight & Redelivery Project, Branches will recall that receiving customers will be
able to request a change to the date or location of their expected parcel delivery before the first
delivery attempt. Redelivery services will also be enhanced to allow receiving customers to
request a redelivery before the first delivery attempt.

The original plan from Royal Mail was to launch in full a suite of Inflight and Redelivery
enhancements in May 2020 i.e.: –
• Deliver Different Day
• Post Office Local Collect
• CSP Local Collect
• Deliver to Preferred Neighbour *
• Deliver to Safeplace*
• Next Day Redelivery
*denotes not available of Special Delivery Guaranteed.

However, due to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on operational resources and the need
to maintain social distancing, in late March 2020 the operational training programme for
Workplace Coaches and frontline delivery staff to deliver the full suite of Inflight and Redelivery
enhancements was put on hold.

The Joint Statement and subsequent Annex issued in May 2020 enabled the successful launch
of Phase 1 – ‘Deliver to Preferred Neighbour’ and ‘Deliver to Safeplace’ in June 2020, capitalising
on the outdoor elements of the inflight functionality as a rapid response. This was part of several
measures in addition to those already introduced, in order to keep frontline delivery members
and customers safe during lockdown whilst also helping to minimise social contact.

Phase 2 of the project looks to deploy the indoor elements of Inflight functionalities – ‘Post Office
Local Collect’, ‘CSP Local Collect’, ‘Deliver on Another Day’ and ‘Next Day Redelivery’ in October
2020. As the country comes out of lockdown with more people starting to return to their
workplace, these features will provide additional flexibility to customers on how and when they
receive their parcels, further supporting the first time delivery rate and improving the positive
delivery experience for customers.

Phase 2 Pilot and National Deployment Plan

At this stage we have agreed with Royal Mail to the pilot deployment only and the National
training approach in line with the timescales as outlined below.

Pre-lock down over 90% of work place coaches were trained. For the majority, this is a refresher
session and for the 10% that have never received this training, the Project Team will take them
through the full training pack in detail.

Workplace coach training is currently being organised and started (via Skype) on the 24th August
and is due to be completed by the 25th September. The training of frontline colleagues will take
place between 31st August and 9th October.
Royal Mail and the CWU via the Local Joint Working Group will jointly conduct a pilot in the South
Yorks & Lincolnshire Area over a 4-week period as follows:-

• Pilot in the North Lincolnshire OM area – 14th September to 25th September
• Expand pilot to the remaining units in the South Yorks & Linc Service Delivery Leader
area – 28th September to 9th October.
• National launch to be determined and agreed following a full Joint National Review of the

The ‘Ready for Delivery’ scan start time, no earlier than 04:00 remains unchanged, however,
the RFD scan time will move to 02:00 temporarily in recognition of the current and various
challenges and difficulties faced in the operation due to Covid -19 and the measures necessary
and in place within units. It is recognised that the 04:00 RFD Scan standard is a starting point
and the future aspiration is to provide customers with Inflight Choice up to the point of delivery
in line with what competitors offer, however, this will be dependent on the provision of a delivery
manifest and will be subject to further National discussion.

During the pilot there will be monitoring of volume, process compliance, along with monitoring
and capturing any additional task times and frequency of these due to the increased activity,
such as nominated day, deliver to POL outlets along with any customer contact/complaints etc.
The Pilot will also include the involvement of IE study work for any new tasks the service
generates. The Pilot will also take fully into account the current pandemic and its impacts
including USO performance and traffic volumes etc. before National joint confirmation and
agreement to the National Launch. Weekly calls will be set up between the project team and
CWU representatives to review information, monitor progress and resolve any issues arising
from the field.

Health & Safety and Safe Systems of Work

It is reaffirmed that Health & Safety and SSOW are of paramount importance to both Royal Mail
and the CWU, accordingly there will be full involvement in order to ensure that the necessary
SSOW are in place and that all issues arising in this respect will be proper to the relevant RM
safety experts and the CWU National Health & Safety Department.

Review/ Summary

Royal Mail and the CWU will jointly review progress against set criteria during the pilot phase.
The pilot will be subject to National joint review in order to resolve any issues highlighted arising
from it and in order to jointly confirm and agree the roll out timescales for the National
Royal Mail and the CWU both understand the importance of being able to offer the additional
Inflight delivery options to customers as it offers them convenience and leads to a positive
shopping experience.

Following the deployment of Inflight Phase 2 both parties will, after 1 month, conduct a touch
point National review in order to ensure any upfront issues identified are quickly resolved. A
further Joint National Review will take place 3 months from launch in order to review what the
effect and impact is on the operation, in terms of additional workload and time, associated with
the new process and that this will then be taken into consideration within the agreed planning
and resourcing tools. This will also be underpinned by a study involving Industrial Engineers in
order to determine and establish the correct time identified for the tasks involved.

Any queries to the content of the above please contact the Outdoor Department reference 535,
email address: outdoorsecretary@cwu.org.

Yours sincerely,
Mark Baulch
CWU Assistant Secretary

LTB 429-20 TOR for Phase 2 of Inflight Redelivery Enhancements Training Pilot

TOR for Phase 2 of Inflight Redelivery Enhancements Training Pilot


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