Defending the Universal Service Obligation (USO)

Anglia Division

Defending the Universal Service Obligation (USO)

“What type of company would use a national health crisis as cover to cynically pursue their own selfish interests?”

Answer.“A company like Royal Mail Group Ltd”

It’s despicable really. The announcement by Royal Mail Group yesterday, (28th April) that it is ‘temporarily’ suspending the delivery of letters on Saturday’s has absolutely nothing to do with the coronavirus crisis, and has everything to do with their plans to reduce the current Universal Service Obligation with the loss of up to 20,000 postal workers jobs.

Their announcement, done without any consultation with postal users, the public or the CWU is designed to achieve two objectives:1. They are removing letter deliveries on  Saturday’s to begin the process of softening up the public for a permanent announcement of a reduction in the Universal Service Obligation (USO) and a reduction in the number of days per week letter deliveries will take place.2. They are removing letter deliveries on Saturday’s to facilitate an attack on the terms and conditions of their own employees, such as unilateral changes to your duty attendances, unilateral changes to your duty start and end times, removal of your opportunities to earn a little extra money by rest day working or performing a scheduled attendance. At a time when you have never worked so hard, they plan to put even more work on you.

Today, is National Postal Workers Day and across the UK postal workers are being saluted by politician’s, the press and the public for the service we provide and for delivering for the country in this time of national crisis. But your own employer does not see you in these terms, your employerresents you and sees you as an obstacle to their damaging plans and they see your union as the enemy.

We cannot sit back and allow Royal Mail to destroy the company and the public service we provide.

We need to make this announcement Royal Mail’s very own A Bridge Too Far.

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