Important update on National Talks 1/4/20

Dear All

Important update on National Talks

I am conscious that there was some feedback on today’s conference call that the National Statement on Monday came as a shock to most and that you wanted to be updated quicker on responses in future.

I am writing this ahead of Dave and Terry going live on Facebook reporting that talks did not go well today with the business.

Rico was not present and Achum led for Royal Mail.

These are the points which Royal Mail responded to the unions statement.

  1. PPE was not needed to protect OPGs or CWU graded staff as they could simply wash their hands.
  2. Social distancing was happening in many workplaces.
  3. They will be not changing their position on D2D.
  4. There are 40 confirmed cases of COVID 19 in Royal Mail with 4 in serious condition.
  5. They will not be at this moment standing down the USO , they will deal with it on a case by case basis and they have confirmed that 3 offices are already delivering less that 5 days per week.
  6. Royal Mail have rejected the unions proposal on resolving the dispute ie joint statement.
  7. They have said they will not be reviewing the sick pay issue until the middle of April and so if you have used your sick pay provisions us than you will either be on half pay or pensionable pay and if your partner or someone in your household is having to isolate for 12 weeks than if you take that time off than you will be on unpaid or you will have to take your leave.

Clearly the company have rejected the unions proposal and have said they will write to the CWU within the next 24 hours confirming their position.

The CWU will tonight announce what we will be doing to ensure our members are safeguarded during this crisis.

We are consulting with our QC and lawyers as well.

We realise fully that members and reps are trying to cope in what is probably the most challenging times as being a rep.

However today the UK suffered the highest death toll yet from the COVID 19 and we are at least 2 weeks away from the peak.

In Spain postal workers took strike action and have now achieved safety arrangements and a commitment that no PPE means no work.

The CWU will be announcing how we intend to move the above forward tonight.

Hopefully this update will help you ahead of this announcement.



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