Branches are informed that discussions have been taking place with Quadrant in relation to the introduction of measures for social distancing, to protect catering employees and RMG employees who use the facilities.

To enable to the continued provision of essential catering facilities and ensure adherence to Government advice in relation to social distancing, Quadrant have now introduced a revised service offering during this very difficult period. The details of the revised arrangements are attached for information (Annex A).

The department firmly believes that it is extremely important that the Quadrant facilities remain available wherever possible to support RMG employees during these unprecedented times. The introduction of the revised service will assist in reducing the risk of infection for colleagues, while also providing the continuation of a catering facility. Equally, we believe that it will be extremely beneficial for RMG employees in reducing the need for them to have extended contact/travel outside of the workplace to source external food outlets.

A message has also been circulated by Emma Best, Operations Director Quadrant, to managers and employees today to provide support and explain and the changed process that is being adopted (Annex B). Branches are advised that the department has sought additional clarification from Quadrant in relation to pay issues and the following has been confirmed:

 A commitment to ensuring that any employee who needs to self-isolate or is covered by a sick note for up to 14 days will receive full pay.

 Sick absence beyond 14 days will attract full contractual terms.

In addition to the above the following has also been confirmed:

 Should additional time off be required for any other issues, such as caring for children or other family members, individuals will be asked to take any outstanding annual leave they have, or in exceptional circumstances they will be allowed to bring forward some of next year’s annual leave to assist in remaining on full pay.

 All Managers have been provided with a copy of the key worker letter to support with child care and individuals should ask managers for a copy where required.

We would ask that all of our Quadrant and RMG members are made aware of this LTB and attachments.

The department would stress the importance to all CWU members and RMG employees of adhering to the revised catering service arrangements that have been communicated.

We would also request that individuals refrain from sitting together in communal dining areas, maintain 2m social distancing and use cashless transactions in Quadrant facilities wherever possible. We all need to work together to enable the continued provision of catering facilities, while also providing the maximum protections for RMG members and their catering colleagues.

Any enquiries in relation to this LTB should be addressed to Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, email: dwyatt@cwu.org quoting reference: 014.14

Yours sincerely

Davie Robertson 

Assistant Secretary



Annex B

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