A statement ahead of today’s meeting with Royal Mail. 23/3/20

A statement ahead of today’s meeting with Royal Mail. Please ensure this is posted in every whatsapp group / social media page in the UK

We are meeting Royal Mail at 1pm today. In advance of this meeting we are publishing to you some of our key demands on the Health and Safety of our members.

It is clear to us that government guidance on social spacing is not being followed in offices across the UK. It is also clear to us that our members do not have the sanitizers, masks and gloves they need to be comfortable carrying out their roles.

From today we want a process / check off in every office to ensure the above is in place.

Also from today:

  • The operation must cease the use of shared vans immediately and strict guidelines on social distancing must be introduced in every office (2 meters apart)
  • In managing the operation as sick absence/self-isolation increases, absorption must now be suspended. A national decision needs to be taken on this today.
  • An agreement must be made on how the company is treating vulnerable workers or workers who have seriously vulnerable people at home.
  • All local managers and reps should meet tomorrow morning on a mandatory basis. This meeting should record and implement a plan to deal with any shortages of PPE and look at options to increase social spacing. These options should include consideration to implementing night shifts in offices to lessen pressure on IPS, introducing staggered start times on a temporary basis, deliveries going out later and more flexible attendance patterns.
  • In order to protect the workforce and deal with operational contingency planning, the company and the union should set up working groups at every level. These groups will ensure the true picture on the ground is reflected in any ongoing discussions.

We will update you all following the meeting with Royal Mail.

Dave Ward Terry Pullinger

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