BT Workplaces and Coronavirus – COVID-19

BT Workplaces and Coronavirus – COVID-19

The CWU have met with BT’s Property and Facilities Services team to be briefed on the ramp up of workplace cleaning in the face of the Coronavirus COVID-19 that is becoming of increasing concern across the country.

BT have stressed that the current advice is to use common sense and follow the good hygiene practice that is being widely publicised and available on the BT Today homepage; wash hands thoroughly and be thoughtful of colleagues by not overusing or removing consumable items such as soap, paper towels, hand sanitiser and toilet rolls.

BT have a Threat Assessment Response Group (TARG) which is a Director led command group and forum made up of senior managers from across the business. In this instance it is taking medical advice from Dr Richard Caddis, the BT Chief Medical Officer.

At present there are 150 key sites that are inhabited by the greatest proportion of BT staff across the country and enhanced cleaning in these locations will be heavily increased. Those locations with a full-time housekeeping presence will have more frequent checks on washroom areas and consumables. The enhanced cleaning will focus on breaking the chain of infection by targeting the cleaning of workplace touchpoints where there is an increased probability of contamination. This includes common areas, corridors, lifts, doors, desks and keyboards.

BT has access to dedicated specialist Electrostatic cleaning machines across the country that can be deployed quickly to deep clean any workplace where confirmed cases arise. Deep clean scenario testing is already underway to assess the potential impact arising from multiple deployment requirements. The deep cleaning focuses on decontamination of the workplace to allow safe re-occupation.

A toolkit of information is being prepared by BT which will include fact sheets, FAQs and guidance and this will be provided to branches as it becomes available.

Yours sincerely,

Brendan O’Brien
Assistant Secretary


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