Report on national issues from the London division 23/1/20

Time to stand with your union against Royal Mail introducing unagreed change

Dear Colleague

Today Royal Mail have announced executive action in 15 different offices across the UK.

At the moment no London Offices have been selected by Royal Mail for executive action.

The types of executive action they have chosen to take ranges from CSS machine closures , MPU closures, Post Box Strategy Revisions to Mail Centre alignments.

Executive action is Royal Mail introducing their plans or revisions without agreement.

In addition Royal Mail informed the union that they will be introducing a trial of parcel separation in the Swindon catchment area. This means that all larger than shoe box parcels will move to later in the day .

In Swindon they previously made all LAT duties Full time by making the front part a normal delivery and the back part delivering LAT products.

Royal Mail’s executive action means that the LAT duties will now perform all the larger parcels for the Swindon Office Catchment area and the delivery routes they are currently performing than gets absorbed by the walks who no longer have the larger parcels to deliver.

If Royal Mail believe this trail works, their plan is to roll it out in other areas. The difference being is that one duty in 6 will become a late driver delivering parcels above shoes box size and the remaining 5 duties would be asked to absorb the workload of the duty which was now delivering larger parcels.

In addition Royal Mail have announced they will be introducing Automated Hours Data Capture by executive action.

Their aim on this is that it records all hours from when you enter your office , every time you leave the floor and when you return. We understand Royal Mail want to link it to what you are paid in both pay and overtime.

They did a trial at Christmas of Agency staff at the Greenford Christmas Outhouse and believe it saved them hundreds of hours by only paying according to the data linked from when you enter and when you exit the building according to your actual duty and overtime times.

We have been informed this executive action is the first phase of an aggressive attack on the CWU.

We understand that they are also looking at moving all Delivery workers to a 0700 start time and removing improved attendance patterns.

Royal Mail have clearly decided to improve their communications and we now have almost daily updates in the way of videos.

Royal Mail are paying Facebook money and supplying employees data to ensue their message gets on employees timelines.

There message is designed to be soft and appealing. There say they are up for talks and are honouring National Agreements.

Royal Mail are trying to con you. How can there be important negotiations when they are introducing unagreed revisions and their strategy?

Royal Mail have decided that they can only introduce their business strategy if they weaken the unions influence.

Remember if this was to happen than they would introduce in the future all their plans by executive action.

The CWU will be balloting Nationally for strike action and will be supporting local industrial action ballots where Royal Mail take executive action.

The London Divisional Committee which represents all CWU members in the London Post Code Area are meeting on Friday to 24th January to discuss our next steps.

However we can assure you and Royal Mail that we will be conducting the biggest ever campaign for industrial action and if they take executive action on any London office than we will unite in London to oppose the executive action and we will not leave that office isolated.

All members need to answer the following question !

Are your jobs and terms safer with a strong union or weaker ?

If you accept that you are safer, now is the time to stand with the CWU and oppose Royal Mail’s strategy to introduce their strategy by executive action and weaken the CWU .

We will update you further when we get further information.

Unity really is strength !

A statement by the London Divisional Committee

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