I would like to advise Branches that the Postal Executive has unanimously endorsed a Collective Agreement for a new Conduct Code. The National Agreement, which is attached to this LTB, is being introduced from today and replaces the 2010 Post Office Conduct Code Procedure.

The new Agreement includes a number of key improvements such as:

  • Significant reductions in the time warnings are kept on an  employee’s record:

a) Formal warning reduced from 12 months to up to 6 months 

b) Final warning reduced from 2 years to up to 12 months 

c) In cases of dishonesty 5 years Final Warning reduced to up to 2 years 

d) Suspended dismissal remaining in force has changed from 2 years to up to 1 year. 

The reductions in the time a warning is in place for is coupled with the inclusion of the key words “up to” to allow for even shorter time penalties. Furthermore “up to” removes the arbitrary nature of these time related penalties and allows for discretion to be used by managers and in turn provides our Reps with the ability to advocate lesser time for all penalties. 

To support the introduction of this new Agreement the following Joint Statement with Post Office and Unite is being published today:

We are pleased to be launching the revised Conduct Code which is a ‘National Collective Agreement’ across Post Office Limited with Unite and CWU.

This policy aims to help employees to achieve and maintain Post Office Limited standards of conduct and behaviour, while making sure employees are treated in the right way. It is a ‘National Collective Agreement’ between Post Office Limited, Unite and CWU and replaces all other previous conduct agreements to ensure that Post Office’s approach to conduct is fully aligned to the way we want managers, union representatives and employees to work together.

The Conduct Code Policy and toolkit have been developed jointly by Post Office, Unite and CWU and support an approach that emphasises informal resolution.

We want to let employees know in an informal and timely manner if their conduct or behaviour is causing concern, whilst recognising that there will be occasions when managers need to deal with an issue formally.

A key change in the process is the different approach to suspensions. In the past, employees were suspended too often, for too long and sometimes for issues that were not that serious. The updated policy asks managers to reflect on why suspension is being considered; looking at the risks and consequences for the business.

We have also shortened the period of time a warning will be live to align to ACAS best practice.

We hope you find this policy and procedure useful in helping you to maintain the required standards. We believe that the updated policy will benefit the business, our employees and union representatives.

Andy Furey – CWU Assistant Secretary                 

Mike Eatwell – UNITE Officer                        

Lee Kelly – Employee Relations & Policy Director, Post Office LTB


Our Representatives employed by the Post Office are attending a briefing on Friday 20th December during which we will have a discussion around the benefits of the new Conduct Code Agreement and they will have the opportunity to pose any questions the Reps may have in regards to the finer details. 

It is our intention to carefully monitor the effectiveness of the new Collective Agreement which the Postal Executive believes will greatly enhance our Reps’ ability to protect members when faced with potential discipline. There are no downsides to the new Agreement, which contains only improvements.

In closing, I would like to thank Lynn Simpson, Postal Executive member, who was instrumental in bringing this negotiation to a successful conclusion.

A handbook is in the process of being designed by our Communications Department and if Branches require printed copies, please contact Lea Sheridan –

Yours sincerely


Andy Furey

Assistant Secretary

19LTB708 Post Office – Collective Agreement – Conduct Code

Attachment to 19LTB708 – Conduct Code

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