The result of the General Election was extremely disappointing for the Labour Party, the union and in particular CWU members who stood as Labour candidates.


We want to thank CWU member Hugh Gaffney for the way in which he has represented our members and his constituents in the last couple of years. Hugh has been a credit to the union and we will ensure that he has our full support going forward.


On a positive note, we congratulate CWU member Tahir Ali from the Midland No. 1 Branch, who was elected in the Birmingham Hall Green constituency.


We have attached a CWU statement and press release which sets out our view on the reasons for the result and the role of the trade union movement moving forward.


Further information will be sent out next week. In the meantime, please distribute the statement as widely as possible


Yours sincerely



Dave Ward  

General Secretary  




Last night was a hugely disappointing result and the reasons for this are very clear.


On Brexit Labour got it wrong. Millions of people who know the economy, the world of work and politics in general isn’t working for them saw the move to a second referendum as a betrayal and the final straw.


We must also acknowledge that for a variety of reasons the Party leadership was a factor in this result. The truth is a prolonged assault from the media has assassinated the character of a man who has devoted his whole life to helping others. Equally we need to think seriously about where the campaign went wrong including the failure to have a clearer narrative. But what nobody can face away from is that we have seen four years of constant attacks on Jeremy Corbyn and the membership by some MPs and Labour’s old guard, who have openly put removing Jeremy ahead of securing a Labour government. These people have to own this result as well and the attempts to swerve any responsibility so far is indicative of the character of the individuals involved. What these people have in common with Boris Johnson is they have no real solutions to the problems this country faces and this is why we must fight to protect our policy agenda.


The distinct role of trade unions in the next five years will be more important than ever. We now become the first line of defence for working people and the CWU will be at the forefront of fighting for a new deal for workers, calling on the TUC to step up like never before and my simple message is this – join a union.


Finally, our movement is built on difficult moments. It’s not about getting knocked down. It’s about how you get back up again. We promise this government and our employers one thing – our union will not give you a moments rest.



Dave Ward 

General Secretary


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