Within the Collective Engagement Framework Agreement (CEF) there is the ability for Post Office employees to enter into a Voluntary Mediation process. This initiative is designed to assist those struggling to find an effective working relationship/environment with their work colleagues.

When developing the Voluntary Mediation process we reviewed the current Royal Mail mediation scheme and consulted the RM mediators. This proved extremely useful as it enabled us to understand exactly what we wanted to create and in turn allowed us to cultivate a bespoke mediation process drawing on their experiences in the last five years.

Accredited Mediators

To facilitate Voluntary Mediation, the Post Office agreed to fund and formally train volunteers from the CWU to become mediators up to ACAS standards. Accordingly I am pleased to advise branches that the following full-time CWU union representatives have now completed the Mediator’s course and obtained their Certificate in Internal Workplace Mediation (CIWM).

Congratulations to:

  • David Bowmaker – Glasgow and District Amal 
  • Mole Meade – Postal Executive 
  • Tim Pavelin – Eastern No 4 
  • Chris Roche – Plymouth and East Cornwall 

Due to the Post Office now having a number of accredited mediators, Voluntary Mediation is being formally launched today, Monday 11th November. Janene Mellor, Employee Relations Manager, who is also trained to the CIWM standard, is the administrating manager and gatekeeper of mediation. Therefore, if branches want to avail themselves of this service, please contact Lynn Simpson,, the CWU lead for mediation and she will liaise with Janene on their behalf.


Management has confirmed their willingness to ensure wherever possible we are able to demonstrate a joined up approach on this important initiative. A Joint Statement is attached along with a leaflet explaining the key principles of Voluntary Mediation. These include:

  • How Voluntary Mediation works
  • The neutrality of the mediator
  • How a mediator can help to facilitate discussions between individuals   who experience tensions in their working relationships

To ensure widespread circulation and all members being aware of the Voluntary Mediation approach, the leaflet will be distributed to each workplace within the Post Office and is one-sided in order to make it suitable for displaying on notice boards in offices and depots.

Finally we have agreed to formally review the entire Mediation process in September 2020 to ensure it is fit for purpose. We will obviously seek input from all Mediators to learn if there are improvement opportunities. It is also worth pointing out to branches this excellent initiative is further evidence that the Collective Engagement Framework agreed in August 2018 is working and being delivered. It is now becoming integral into how we function and operate within the Post Office on behalf of our members.

Yours sincerely

Andy Furey

Assistant Secretary

19LTB655 – Post Office – Collective Engagement Framework (CEF) Formal Launch of Voluntary Mediation

Attachment 1 to LTB655-19

Attachment 2 to LTB655-19

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