Time For Action A message for all London Divisional Members.

Time For Action A message for all London Divisional Members.

We want to say a huge thank you to all reps and members for the huge yes vote in the industrial action ballot.

The result broke all previous national trade union ballot results stemming back to when the 1993 Anti Trade union act demanded that trade unions had to send ballot papers to members home addresses.

The message from members was stark in that it showed that Royal Mail had lost the workforce and that an overwhelming majority of staff rejected Royal Mail’s vision for the future.

Since the ballot result there has been no progress at all in negotiation via the mediation process.

In fact Royal Mail have launched further attacks on our National Agreements.

They have started recruiting temporary staff on £12.50 per hour and they are clearly going to be used to deliver parcels late in the day in line with their previous stated parcel separation strategy.

We understand they have or are in the process of recruiting 5500 of these. This will potentially mean they have created a two tier workforce.

On top of this we understand that Royal Mail have secured a 500 million investment

Via a trading bond.

We understand they intend to fast tract their parcel separation strategy.

We have been informed that they have now secured the additional two parcel hubs essential to their parcel strategy, to add to the Warrington Hub.

In addition we have been informed that they are purchasing hundreds of extra vans and IT equipment to be installed in the circa 300 LAT units.

Royal Mail’s latest move shows the contempt they treat the CWU with.

There is no doubt that Royal Mail have decided that the way forward is to reward the shareholders by creating a cheaper more flexible workforce.

Be in no doubt this is going to be a significant and defining dispute.

There is no fence to sit on , Royal Mail are determined to introduce their strategy which is to all letters to wither on the vine.

Their parcel separation strategy will see thousands of job losses through a combination of lost workload to the vast majority of delivery offices, Mail centres Logistics and Area Distribution.

The key outcome of Royal Mail strategy will be that the USO will become uneconomical.

Against that backdrop all CWU members need to understand that we are in the fight of our lives.

The outcome of this dispute will decide on whether we are on vastly inferior conditions.

It is important we recognise that the CWU are still in a very strong position.

1. We have a record yes vote for strike action.

2. On the 13th November the CWU can announce a program of strike action at Christmas which will hit Royal Mail hard.

3. The CWU have rejected Royal Mail’s request to have no industrial action at Christmas.

4. All offices have to agree for any savings from Royal Mail’s parcel strategy which is essential to their business plan. No office will agree those savings.

5. The CWU are taking legal advice on the recruitment of those staff and whether this is a breach of the legal guarantees.

6, For the first time since 1912 there is a General Election in December. Delivering Election Material in May is fundamentally different than delivering in November and December with the extra traffic we have. We have clear conference policy that we need an improved agreement.

7, We have you the membership’s support and you will play a key role in this dispute. Royal Mail cannot win this dispute by executive action as they will never win the confidence of the workforce.

So the CWU remains in a strong position to achieve our 21 demands in the dispute.

Finally we want to dispel a few unfounded rumours.

1. There is nothing to stop the CWU from taking strike action during the General Election Period.

2, The ex PBS Christmas bonus criteria is that there is only 3% reduction on any 24 hour strike period.

3. The other £100 Christmas Bonus which started in 2012 from the outcome of Colleague Share means there is no reduction for industrial action.

4. All CWU members have a legal right to strike when the union announces official strike action and Royal Mail managers and it against the law for manages to bully you or treat you in a threatening way by taking balloted action.

Remember we are united in our fight to force Royal Mail to listen to the workforce.

Let’s stand together and prepare for action.

We will keep you informed following the meeting on 13th November.

Once again we thank you for your continued rock solid support.

A message from the London Divisional Committee

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