Parcelforce TUPE/Employee’s Letter

Parcelforce TUPE/Employee’s Letter

As you are aware the proposal to create a new separate legal trading entity of Parcelforce Limited and transfer Parcelforce employees to the new company by means of a TUPE transfer remains a central issue in our disputes with both RMG and Parcelforce Worldwide.

The departments have become aware that Gary Simpson, Managing Director, wrote to our members in Parcelforce on 30th October 2019 to express the business’ view on the TUPE consultation and potential next steps in relation to their proposal.

On the issue of the TUPE consultation the departments believe that the content of the letter misrepresents the position of the CWU within that process.

Of greater concern is the fact that the letter in our view signals to CWU members in Parcelforce a clear intent on the part of the company to progress with the deployment of their proposal following the conclusion of the Dispute Resolution Process on 7th November 2019. This despite the fact that our members have overwhelmingly rejected the proposal through the democratic Industrial Action Ballot process.

It is ironic that at a time when the company has publicised their request to the Union to refrain from calling Industrial Action and supposedly offering unconditional talks on a resolution to our dispute in RMG, that in reality the actions of Parcelforce may make any settlement of the matters in both disputes impossible and serious group wide Industrial Action inevitable.

In response to the business’ letter we have attached for the information of Branches a copy of an individual CWU letter sent to our members in Parcelforce. The attached reaffirms the CWU opposition to the company proposal and clarifies our position in relation to the dispute across RMG should the company choose to ignore the views of their employees and proceed with the TUPE transfer of our Parcelforce members.

Our members in Parcelforce should be assured that this issue remains a fundamental element of both disputes with the company and that the CWU will continue to press for a negotiated settlement by all means necessary, in line with the overwhelming mandate of our members, utilising our collective strength and solidarity across RMG.

We would request that Branches ensure that this LTB and attached letter are given the widest possible publicity to our representatives and members across Parcelforce and RMG.

Yours sincerely

Terry Pullinger – DGSP

Davie Robertson – Assistant Secretary 

Ray Ellis – Assistant Secretary 


Attachment 1 – PFW Member’s Letter 01.11.19

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