Royal Mail hope to stop dispute by “ not talking about it”

Last week we discovered that Royal Mail have decided to cease all communications on the ballot for the next four weeks.

This is nothing but a sinister move to attempt to reduce the turnout. They know they’ve lost the battle on the yes vote and this is about them trying to reduce debate, interest and interaction with the ballot so people don’t vote.

In short, it won’t work. We’ve got a detailed plan this week and we’ll go for it like never before next week.

That said, there is no room for complacency. We need the meetings to continue in every workplace and particularly in offices where there’s no local rep or smaller offices – nowhere should be left out.

What we also know is once we’ve got the yes vote they will re-commence comms focused on pressuring people not to take strike action. We will deal with this as well. We’ve been there before many times.

In addition to this I have suspected for some time that we’ve been the victim of BOTS targeting our social media accounts. These are accounts which post anti-union comments but then when you check their profiles they are clearly fake accounts set up for solely this purpose.

Over the weekend we set a few traps on our social media pages and can confirm we deleted dozens of comments from fake accounts. There’s no links to suggest this is Royal Mail. It could be the same right wing organisations who target elections.

What it shows is we are once again up against a significant machine that does not want us to win this ballot. The only answer is for us to show our strength in the next couple of weeks. We will give you the resources but the reality is non of that matters unless we reach the frontline. Get out there, whip the membership into a frenzy and let’s deliver the biggest yes vote in the union’s history. We shall not be moved.


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